Monday, 20 February 2017

Evil Nemesis - The Struggle Continues

A couple days I am out for a walk with the momma and this guy starts annoying me.
Evil Nemesis!
After I chased him for a while, the momma called me and we went into the house.  When we came back out in the evening, he was gone, but there was another beautiful sunset.
Saskatchewan - Land of Living Skies
Yesterday while out for my walk, I encountered that pest again.
First I tried to crawl up the outside of the willow
That didn't work, so then I changed tactics.
Climbing up the inside of the willow
Sadly, that was also futile!
Come down here you varmint!
Now for my Public Service Announcement.  Be careful trying to climb trees you pups!  A few weeks ago, I was after my evil nemesis and I poked my eye on something.  Whether it was a branch or something, mom doesn't know, but what she does know is I ran to her, fell down at her feet and was pawing my eye.  I was also trying to bury that side of my face in the snow and the sun really bothered my eye.  Mom knelt down and looked at my eye and saw that my eye had retracted inward and that my third eye lid was covering my eye.  I was clearly in discomfort.  The momma quickly took me to the emergency vet.  I had a complete eye exam and a scratch was noted on my eye.  I was given antibiotic/pain relief drops for my eye.  I am all better now, but please be careful out there pups!

Until next time everyone!

Friday, 17 February 2017

My Evil Nemesis

Well pups we have gone from being real cold to having temperatures above 0 C all week.

One advantage to the warm weather is that I am able to chase the evil squirrels into all sorts of interesting places.
Evil nemesis!
Now sometimes I just sit and watch  my evil nemesis.
Watching evil nemesis!
But at other times I chase my evil nemesis into all sorts of interesting places.
I know you're in here evil nemesis.
Another day and my evil nemesis thinks he can hide in here

I must say, I am quite enjoying the warmer weather and getting to chase that evil nemesis of mine.

Open water on my river
Of course the warmer weather also means that my river is starting to thaw.  If the warm weather continues, I don't think people will be going across the ice road too much longer.  Unfortunately the warmer weather also means there are still lots of germs going around and my grammy's care home is once again in quarantine due to another respiratory outbreak.   Sigh.  I hope everyone gets healthy soon.

According to the forecast, we should be getting some more snow this weekend and it will be cooler.
Checking out the snow from last weekend's snow
It snowed last weekend and I quite enjoyed running in all that snow.  Due to the warm weather this week, all this snow has turned to ice, so running is a little dangerous right now.

I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend.
A beautiful sunset from last weekend

Yet another sunset from last weekend.  My backyard is beautiful.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Cold February Day

We are under yet another Extreme Windchill Warning today.  We did go for a not too bad walk this morning despite the cold.  Personally, I love the cold, the momma, not so much!

Sunrise on a cold day

Mom has been seeing Sundogs around the sun that last few days, so she knew it would get colder.  No, she didn't get a picture of them this time, but trust me, we saw them!

Hello down there
First I needed to check out what might be under the snow.  I have been catching lots of mice lately.  After I catch them, I make mom open the garden fence and then I bury them in the strawberry patch!

Walk down to the river
We took a walk down to the river and I needed to stop and take in all the pawsome smells down there.

Walking on the frozen river
I decided to take a walk on the river.  Don't worry, it is well frozen.  People are driving across the river in places so the ice is at least 12 inches deep.

With it being so cold, mom likes to stay indoors.  She has been doing some baking, some reading and working on a quilt that she started years ago.
Maybe mom will finish this quilt one of these days

Have a great day all and stay warm!