Monday, 30 January 2017

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

First off, thank you to all the pups that sent me Christmas cards.  You know who you are, BOL!  I got more cards than the peeps again this year.  We enjoyed all the Christmas cards and loved seeing all of your smiling faces!

We got to spend some time with my grammy in her care home this Christmas.  It was nice to be with her on Christmas morning and open presents.  Her care home had been in quarantine once again, but thankfully that was lifted right before Christmas.  We hoped everyone would stay healthy after that, but a few days later another respiratory outbreak occurred and they were under quarantine again.  Grammy had a slight cold, but got over that quickly.  Then she got an enteric flu and was quarantined for a couple days.  The restrictions have once again been lifted and we hope everyone stays healthy at my grammy's care home.

We have had some very strange weather.  It has been very cold and we were under several extreme windchill warnings for a few days.  The momma, of course, overreacted and made me dress up like this when we went outside.
I think my look says it all about this outfit!
Two weeks ago, with windchill, we had temperatures of -45 C.  Last week, we had temperatures of +3 C.  Last night it was pouring rain at 1:30 in the morning.  Now it is supposed to cool down again.  Unlike my pal, Zoe, we have very little snow here this year.  Stay warm and safe to all my pals!

As usually we have had some beautiful sunrises.
Sunrise on a beautiful winter morning.  

On nice days, I am keeping busy by getting in lots of running.
Running like the wind on a beautiful morning.
Keeping an eye on my river.
And I have been doing lots of bird watching
I also keep a close eye on the horses next door
Well it is a grey and cloudy day and very icy out there today due to all the rain overnight, so I will have to be careful running today.  Take care everyone and have a pawsome day!


  1. We are always so glad to see you Buddy, and the beautiful pictures of where you live. We've had some strange weather this year too, and a snow drought. Plenty of gray clouds, though.

    Ghostwriter says there have been a lot of colds and "bugs" going around the nursing home where she works. But it's good that you get to visit as much as you can. The old people always LOVE to see doggies and kitties too, because it brings back so many wonderful memories.

    Stay warm Buddy!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, there are lots of things going around and we hope grammy stays healthy! I get so many hugs and pets when I visit grammy, and I love going there!

  2. Hi Buddy! Brr! It has been a bit chilly at yur place, heh?
    But a scarf? Oh, please, BuddyMom! Buddy don't need no stinkin' scarf, he is already one coolio pup.

    1. I know Zoe! Personally I don't think I need the jacket or the booties either!

  3. We have not had much snow here either. Mr Groundhog will surely see his shadow in the morning, tomorrow, its quite clear here for a change...go figure. They drag him out of his warm den...poor thing. What nerve!

    I am glad I don't have to wear all that gear like you are showing us, Buddy! I hate coats. I de=id in the past wear three coats together on the coldest days when I went strolling in below zeroF windchills. I don't do strolls out of my yard anymore on account of my awkward gait...and I keep over sometimes too...that stupid inner ear trouble I have. At least my batteries are still good:)

    My great Auntie's care home is in quarantine too...but so far where petcretary works its not been a big problem...yet...and she hopes it won't be.

    1. I saw my shadow yesterday, BOL! Stay warm, Freckles! Glad your momma doesn't dress you up like mine does me. Hope the quarantine at your Auntie's care home is lifted soon. Hugs!