Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My Summer That Was

Buddy walks into his office and looks at his computer.  He sits down in front of it and blows the layers of dust off of the keyboard.  After his sneezing fit caused from all the dust that was blowing around, he sits down and starts to think about his summer.

Hello to my one or possibly two loyal readers!  How are you!?  How was your summer?

In my last post I told you about the bear that was visiting us.
After the visit from this cute little brown bear, the Conservation Officers placed a bear trap in our yard to try and catch him.  The trap was baited with peanut butter, molasses, oatmeal and sardines.  The trap sat in our yard for one month getting smellier and smellier.  During this time mom chased a coyote pup out of the trap, he had eaten all the sardines, BOL!  Mom also found it comical that the bear had taken a crap right beside the trap.

Anywhoodle, the trap was removed after a month.  Let's see, that was a Wednesday and on that Friday, yes 2 days later, as mom and I were out for our morning walk, we encountered the bear.  Now mom's greatest fear was meeting the bear on our walk and/or having the bear come onto our deck. As we were walking that morning, mom turned around and the bear came out of the field behind us.  He was about 20 feet from mom and about 10 feet from me.  Mom's first thought was to run, but she realized this was bad.  I stared down the bear and he moved towards me and that is when I chased it!  Mom was very proud of me!  After I came back, mom snapped on my leash, made lots of noise and we went home.  Mom felt safe once she was back in the house and then she looked out the bedroom window and there was the bear in the back yard.  She phoned the Conservation Officers and as she was talking to them, the bear came up onto the deck.  Well we got the bear trap back.  This time it was baited with a rather large ugly fish, oatmeal, molasses and peanut butter.  Once again, after being in our yard for a month and not catching anything, the trap was removed.  Mom thinks it should be called a bear deterrent, BOL!

Our fruit trees did very well this year.
Look at the size of them apples!
We finally got apples from our apples, and even plums from our plum tree!
Mom really should have taken a picture after the plums were ripened, but we had several from this tree and they were very tasty!
Sour Cherries
These sour cherries are not as sour as the name implies.  They make pawsome jams and crisps and pies.
Also the first year we got pears!  There weren't that many, but they were sure tasty.

The garden produced quite well and mom is still dealing with the pumpkins, squashes and a few tomatoes that are still ripening.

As always we have seen lots of wildlife (other than the bear) around our place.
Our eagle
Mom loves seeing this guy around.  They had built a nest close to us, but unfortunately it was built in a very old tree and a giant wind blew the nest down.  We hope that it will be rebuilt and we can maybe see the eagles nesting there when the time comes.
Wasp nest
The things you find when the leaves fall off the trees.  Let's hope all those wasps have moved on!  That nest is absolutely huge!

I have had another visit with my grammy. I was there for her 91st birthday this August and mom and her sister brought grammy her favorite meal of Chinese food.  Mom made her a double chocolate zucchini bundt cake that was well received.  We were very happy to get out to see her at this time.  We had tried to get out there in July, but a C. difficile outbreak had put her care home on quarantine.

As summer was winding down and the month of October came about, mom had had enough of working outside.  She was secretly wishing for snow so she didn't have to work outside anymore.  Then this happened.
October 4-6 snow
Yup, we were under a Heavy Snowfall Warning at the beginning of October.  Over the period of 3 days we got 11 inches of snow.  A 100 year old record for most snow in a single snowfall in October was broken.  There are some records that just should not be broken pups!  While I was happy with the snow, the peeps were not.  This is the first time in all the years we have lived out here, that dad had a snow day in October.  As of this writing, all of that snow has melted.
October 20, 2016
Here I am enjoying a wonderful fall day!  It was perfect.  No snow, bright sun and a nice temperature.

Thanks for stopping by pups!  Hopefully I can be here a bit more regularly now.  Wishing everyone a pawsome fall!


  1. You got to chase a bear??? Dat are so pawsome!!

    1. Yes, I got to chase a bear! Momma was very proud of me and I got lots of treats for doing it! Nice to see you sweet girl!

  2. A bear! Up close and almost in your face...shudder...you were a brave dude, Buddy to stare him down and chase him off...only for him to come back. Yikes! Soon he will be sleeping all the winter long. Maybe try the deterrent...um trap in the early spring as he will be hungry when he wakes up.

    Your garden was quite productive, wow! YUM!
    And that *was* a load of snow! We just had our first frost here last night (Oct 25th at about 4am...)

    Its good to hear from you!

    Petcretary says that cake sounds scrumptious..and not unlike one she has made herself when the zucchini season is over abundant! She made 4 at one time once and gave three of them away:)

    1. Hi Freckles! Good to hear from you. We are hoping we won't need the deterrent back. Hopefully that bear has moved on. Mom beets have also been overproductive and she has made a chocolate beet bundt cake. That was also quite tasty. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow, what a summer you had! The bear sounds like he knows what he is doing and knows exactly what the trap is for. By now maybe he is sleeping for the winter after all the snow you had! Way too much to soon!

    Looks like you had a great summer for fruit! Great photos of the bear, the eagle and you!

    Have a great Fall & a Happy Halloween!

    Rain, Dozer & Mom

    1. Hi Rain and Dozer and Momma! We also hope that bear will soon be sleeping for the winter. Hopefully he will move on in the spring. Have a wonderful fall!

  4. Do you finks your Bear is on a special diet….no sugar, gluten or nuts?
    Snow already ? Wow, summer has flown by
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Well, we never thought of the bear being on a diet, but you make a good point, Princess Leah! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow, yuv been a Bizzee Buddy!

    An' yu lerned to Fly!

    Gud to hear yu barkin 'bout yur life up north, in the plains.

    1. Hi, Zoe! Good to see you! Hope you are doing well!

  6. Wow! We're very happy to see you again Buddy, and hear about your adventures this summer! You're very lucky you got some fruit on your trees. Our summer here was so hot and dry that we got zero pears on our pear tree. Joey dog would have been so disappointed! I hope that bear stays away from your house. It was very brave of you to chase him away, but very dangerous too. We loved seeing the picture of the eagle. We have some hawks around here and lots of buzzards, but no eagles, at least near my house. Hope to hear from you again soon! Your friend, Chester.

    1. Hi Chester, thanks for stopping by! The peeps didn't let me taste the pears, so I don't know if they were good. Sounds like Joey dog like pears! A very smart boy. Have a wonderful fall!

  7. You sure had a ton going on at your place. That bear just won't leave...lol. We heard there was a bear around our cabin but since it has not been seen in a month or so, we hope it has moved on.

    1. I am hoping that bear is now hibernating. Hopefully it moves on come spring. I also hope your bear has moved on!