Friday, 22 April 2016

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!  You know how my peeps celebrated Earth Day? 

10 Yards of Soil
They had 10 yards of soil delivered for the garden.  I am hoping to get out there and do some digging in there before it gets all spread around the garden.  There sure are some interesting smells in there.

Mom and I have been bird watching again.

I don't think he/she was happy to see us
Its friend was closely watching us

Mom is thrilled that the eagles are back, but if you ask me, they aren't very friendly!

Mom's friend Flicker
We have been seeing a bunch of Northern Flickers of late and bunch of Black Eyed Juncos.
Black Eyed Junco
Mom was finally able to capture a picture of her elusive Killdeer
The Killdeer.  Always heard but seldom seen.

It also appears that we have a Fisher around our place.  Now Fisher's are members of the weasel family and they are mean.  They are the only creature that will actively seek out and eat a porcupine.  Mom and I have been finding lots of, um, porcupine parts around lately.  Mom thanks the Fisher, whom she has named Carey, get it Carey Fisher, oh, why must she embarrass me so, with all the carnage left behind.   She does wish, however, that Carey, would clean up a little better after him/herself as I also like to find those parts.  Mom would like you to know that stomping on a piece of porcupine while wearing rubber boots will make the quills puncture through the boot.  It is effective, however, in getting said piece away from me.

Mom has started a variety of bedding plants in preparation for the garden.  So far her squashes and tomatoes are starting to germinate and she hopes to be in the garden by late May.  The snow is finally all gone and we are just waiting for it to warm up here.

The only snow left is on the riverbank

We had my daddy's mom visiting us last week and her, mom and dad were really busy in the kitchen.
Looks good guys!

Apparently this is very tasty!  I would not know as I did not get a taste!

Mom's mom, my grammy, is doing much better and finally over her pneumonia.  Unfortunately, her care home once again has several residents ill with the respiratory flu and they are once again under quarantine.  This has been such an awful winter/spring for the flu.  Hoping all residents recover soon from this latest bout of the flu.

Even though we have been looking forward to spring, there is one thing about spring/summer that we do not like.

Sigh, the ticks are back.
 Mom has given me a Nexgard already and that is getting rid of them.  Last year Nexgard was the only thing that worked for me due to the large number of ticks out here.  What does everyone else use for tick prevention in your areas?

Well, I hope you are all doing well and getting some lovely spring type weather.
Spring Sunset

Until next time take care pups!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Yucky ticks! We're lucky we don't have ticks round our nayborhood... fleas is anudder thing!

    All those noms and dey didn't share? Dat's awful!

    1. Yes, horrible! I have to smell all that delicious baking and I did not even get a taste!

      Luckily fleas don't seem to be a problem here.

  2. Ticks:(
    I had one on me the other day, eeuuwwww!
    So far frontline keeps them off of me, there are not too many in my yard cause the fence keeps most of the varmints out, but some do travel on squirrels and other critters.
    Growlmy was thinking of putting me on either that new collar or there is a new pill/chew to try out as well...oh duh, its nexgard, BOL!

    Love all your pictures, Buddy. Glad your Grammy is doing so much better

    1. Mom has tried Advantix and Revolution on me in the past, and I still had lots of ticks. The Nexgard just seemed to work so much better. Even with the Nexgard I still get checked every evening. One evening last summer the peeps took 60 ticks off of me. Most of them were dead due to the Nexgard.

  3. Ticks...ugg! The baked goods look yummy. You all are going to be busy with that giant pile of dirt.

    1. I want to dig a big hole in that pile of dirt before the peeps start playing with it!

  4. We always enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures!