Wednesday, 30 March 2016

It Is Definitely Spring

I am confident in saying that it is now officially spring here.

A few weeks ago our drive looked like this.

We thought this was spring for sure!

But after that picture was taken, it started to snow and snow and snow and then mom didn't take any more pictures, BOL!

Then with Easter coming, the weather did start improving.  My community did a wonderful thing this Easter and they set up an Easter Egg Miracle Tree.  Plastic eggs were sold and the money from the eggs sold will go to the Christmas Miracle program in our community.  This program gives Christmas cheer to those that have suffered a loss in their family, are experiencing ill health, have been laid off, or are just generally having a difficult time.

Easter Egg Miracle Tree

Mom took this picture of the Easter Egg Miracle Tree when it had over 1600 eggs on it.  Just after this more eggs were sold and now there are about 2400 eggs on the tree.  You can read about The Easter Egg Miracle Tree here. 

Daddy's mom came to visit us for Easter and right before her visit, the peeps and her went to a book reading for my Uncle Gerald. 

Uncle Gerald's book display in the bookstore in our city

Yes, Uncle has been writing for a while and this is his first novel.  It officially came out on March 1.  Mom is currently reading the book and is finding it very interesting.  We are proud of Uncle Gerald!

Mom and I have been going for lots of good walks now that the snow is going away.  Yesterday I led the way and took us both on a wonderful walk.  I started walking and eventually I took mom here ..

best place to walk ever........

While mom was considering her situation, I walked a little further ahead and did this ...

Happiness is a mud bath

Yep, mud baths are wonderful and you know, humans pay a lot of money for mud baths! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring so far!  Until next time~


  1. And good for your skin too ;)

  2. Oh wow, a MUD baff…that sounds like the sorta baff you CAN enjoy!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. I love the idea of the Easter Miracle Tree and it looks like it was a wonderful success!

  4. It's always good to hear from you, Buddy. Wow! Wasn't that mud cold? Congrats on your Uncle Gerald's book! Hope it's a best seller.

    Ghostwriter is working on getting a novel of hers published. Her novels are way different from her blog writing.

  5. Hooray fur Spring!! But, um...there is snow in our near forecast...sigh...

    And, hey! Isn't it your birthday today?? April furst!

    I don't have thumbs, nor do I really know all the techie stuff, but I asked growlmy to make you a birthday card:

    Just copy that 'code' and then you can post/save that picture anywhere you wish. You can even pretend to be enjoying the muddy farmyard like those piggies are doing, rolling in mud, don't you wish, BOL!!

    I hope you had a great birthday!