Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Today is Ground Hog Day and I have not been following what that rodent predicted!  Does anyone think they will be getting spring soon?  Personally, our winter has been so mild, that it feels like we haven't had winter yet!  But I think I should go and find out what that rodent said.
That about sums it up!
I am trying to remember if I might have accidentally eaten that guy last summer!  BOL!  I joke!  Or am I?!

We have been having very mild temperatures, but there was one weekend where it was cold, even by my standards.
Mom over reacted to the cold!

I hate the snowsuit!  Absolutely hate it and I hope that no one saw me when I went outside that day!

We have had a lot of freezing rain last month and that is very unusual for us.  Mom remembers when it got cold and stayed cold until something like June or July.  Of course, she is older than the hills so she would remember trivia like that!

I have enjoyed many long walks this winter and lots of running in the snow.
Nothing better than a romp in the snow!

With all the freezing rain, we  now have ice under the snow and sometimes mom makes some spectacular falls on the ice.  I help her out by sitting on top of her and licking her!  She says this is not being helpful.
Intently watching the horses next door.
I was having such an awesome run that day and then mom saw me edging toward the neighbor's fence and said, "No, you cannot go over there and eat horse poo today".  So I just sat down and watched them. 

There have been a few evenings where the Northern Lights have been out again, but they have not been as bright so no pictures have been taken.  When they are bright again, mom will try and take more pictures.

I hope each and everyone of you has had a wonderful winter so far.  What do you think?  Is spring 6 weeks away?