Sunday, 11 December 2016

Season's Greetings

Hello everyone!  Hard to believe it is so close to Christmas already.  Is everyone ready for the big event, or is there lots of last minute shopping to do, etc, for everyone.

After the early snow we had in October, it all melted and November was fairly uneventful.
Checking out the neighbor's field
Our neighbor was finally able to get his crop off and do some baling.  The crop was very wet, and he will need to dry it, but at least it is off.

My river December 6, 2016
After a  not bad November, December started ok.  This is my river on December 6, it was just starting to freeze over.  The ferry had been pulled out of the water on November 30 and we were all waiting for the ice to start flowing.

Then it got real cold last week and 3 days later, my river looked like this.
My river December 9, 2016
We have been under an extreme windchill warning for several days now.  If it continues to stay this cold, the ice road across the river should be open in no time.
Sundogs, December 9, 2016
You know it is gonna get much colder when you see sundogs in the sky.
Me stylin' in the latest doggie fashions!
Yeah, you could say my human over reacted when she dressed me in this, but at least I wasn't stopping every few steps and lifting up my feet because they were so cold.

I hope my one or two faithful readers are having a good winter so far and I want to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and every happiness for the New Year.

Take care everyone!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My Summer That Was

Buddy walks into his office and looks at his computer.  He sits down in front of it and blows the layers of dust off of the keyboard.  After his sneezing fit caused from all the dust that was blowing around, he sits down and starts to think about his summer.

Hello to my one or possibly two loyal readers!  How are you!?  How was your summer?

In my last post I told you about the bear that was visiting us.
After the visit from this cute little brown bear, the Conservation Officers placed a bear trap in our yard to try and catch him.  The trap was baited with peanut butter, molasses, oatmeal and sardines.  The trap sat in our yard for one month getting smellier and smellier.  During this time mom chased a coyote pup out of the trap, he had eaten all the sardines, BOL!  Mom also found it comical that the bear had taken a crap right beside the trap.

Anywhoodle, the trap was removed after a month.  Let's see, that was a Wednesday and on that Friday, yes 2 days later, as mom and I were out for our morning walk, we encountered the bear.  Now mom's greatest fear was meeting the bear on our walk and/or having the bear come onto our deck. As we were walking that morning, mom turned around and the bear came out of the field behind us.  He was about 20 feet from mom and about 10 feet from me.  Mom's first thought was to run, but she realized this was bad.  I stared down the bear and he moved towards me and that is when I chased it!  Mom was very proud of me!  After I came back, mom snapped on my leash, made lots of noise and we went home.  Mom felt safe once she was back in the house and then she looked out the bedroom window and there was the bear in the back yard.  She phoned the Conservation Officers and as she was talking to them, the bear came up onto the deck.  Well we got the bear trap back.  This time it was baited with a rather large ugly fish, oatmeal, molasses and peanut butter.  Once again, after being in our yard for a month and not catching anything, the trap was removed.  Mom thinks it should be called a bear deterrent, BOL!

Our fruit trees did very well this year.
Look at the size of them apples!
We finally got apples from our apples, and even plums from our plum tree!
Mom really should have taken a picture after the plums were ripened, but we had several from this tree and they were very tasty!
Sour Cherries
These sour cherries are not as sour as the name implies.  They make pawsome jams and crisps and pies.
Also the first year we got pears!  There weren't that many, but they were sure tasty.

The garden produced quite well and mom is still dealing with the pumpkins, squashes and a few tomatoes that are still ripening.

As always we have seen lots of wildlife (other than the bear) around our place.
Our eagle
Mom loves seeing this guy around.  They had built a nest close to us, but unfortunately it was built in a very old tree and a giant wind blew the nest down.  We hope that it will be rebuilt and we can maybe see the eagles nesting there when the time comes.
Wasp nest
The things you find when the leaves fall off the trees.  Let's hope all those wasps have moved on!  That nest is absolutely huge!

I have had another visit with my grammy. I was there for her 91st birthday this August and mom and her sister brought grammy her favorite meal of Chinese food.  Mom made her a double chocolate zucchini bundt cake that was well received.  We were very happy to get out to see her at this time.  We had tried to get out there in July, but a C. difficile outbreak had put her care home on quarantine.

As summer was winding down and the month of October came about, mom had had enough of working outside.  She was secretly wishing for snow so she didn't have to work outside anymore.  Then this happened.
October 4-6 snow
Yup, we were under a Heavy Snowfall Warning at the beginning of October.  Over the period of 3 days we got 11 inches of snow.  A 100 year old record for most snow in a single snowfall in October was broken.  There are some records that just should not be broken pups!  While I was happy with the snow, the peeps were not.  This is the first time in all the years we have lived out here, that dad had a snow day in October.  As of this writing, all of that snow has melted.
October 20, 2016
Here I am enjoying a wonderful fall day!  It was perfect.  No snow, bright sun and a nice temperature.

Thanks for stopping by pups!  Hopefully I can be here a bit more regularly now.  Wishing everyone a pawsome fall!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Summer is upon us

Yep, summer is definitely upon us and that means the momma is spending much more time out in the garden weeding and such and not allowing me to get on here.  As usual, I do have lots to bark about, but sadly, my typist needs someone to sit her down and make her tell everyone what I have been up to.  As she thinks it is too hot to be outside right now, here goes with what I have been up to.

I have had two visits with grammy in her care home since the last time I woofed.  Last visit, one of the residents looked at me and held out his arms and started petting me.  "There is my buddy", he said.  "You are such a nice doggie!  What is your name?"  The momma responded, "Buddy".  The resident just smiled and said, "That is the perfect name because you are everyone's buddy".  As soon as momma opens the main doors in grammy's facility, I make a beeline for her room.  I know exactly which one it is and I can't wait to see her.

Mom has been working lots out in her garden and as usual, I have been supervising.  She has lots of pretty flowers this year.

Bell Flower
Now that geranium hasn't done much in the 6 years it has been in the flowerbed.  Mom had a stern talk with it this spring and said if it didn't bloom, out it came this fall.  I guess it took the threat seriously.
Even if I do say so, I thought the lilies looked pawsome this year!

So did that deer that wanted to eat them, BOL!  They had already stopped blooming at this point so maybe that is why the deer didn't gobble them up?

Wildflower Garden

Now I like to dig in that wildflower garden.  For some reason this is not acceptable to momma!  I mean really, she can dig in there so why can't I?

Tiger Lily
The Tiger Lily is our province's official flower.  This plant always looks beautiful in summer.

Those Veronica plants are probably mom's favorite in the flower bed.  The purple spires look beautiful all summer.

The one bad part about summer is the bugs.  The ticks really haven't been that bad this year, but the tent caterpillars were really bad.
Tent caterpillars
Personally, I think I make this picture less creepy!  Mom resorted to wrapping aluminum foil around the base of the trees and then coating it with petroleum jelly.  That did seem to greatly diminish the amount of caterpillars found on the trees.

Of course, no summer would be complete without mom being bitten by horseflies.
Mom's swollen paw after a horsefly bite
Don't know what it is about mom and horseflies, but she has had several bites already this summer and the bites always swell up nicely on her.

As usually we have had our share of wildlife show up either in our yard or we have seen them during our walks.

That bear showed up one evening when the peeps were sitting in the truck in the driveway.  Around the corner of the house he came and then he came right up to the truck and sniffed around for a long time.  The peeps did what anyone in that situation would do, namely pull out all mobile devices and start taking pictures!

Eagle nest
Mom and I had been watching this nest being built while out on our walks, and one day we finally saw the occupant.

I know I will be going to see grammy again pretty soon, and that means I have to have another bath.  Personally I love water especially when it is in the ditch, or the river or a mud puddle, but put it in the bath tub and I am not a fan.  Oh well, it will all be worth it, because I will get to see grammy!

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope each and everyone of you are having a pawsome summer!

Until next time, and who knows when the momma will sit down again and update my blog, take care all!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!  You know how my peeps celebrated Earth Day? 

10 Yards of Soil
They had 10 yards of soil delivered for the garden.  I am hoping to get out there and do some digging in there before it gets all spread around the garden.  There sure are some interesting smells in there.

Mom and I have been bird watching again.

I don't think he/she was happy to see us
Its friend was closely watching us

Mom is thrilled that the eagles are back, but if you ask me, they aren't very friendly!

Mom's friend Flicker
We have been seeing a bunch of Northern Flickers of late and bunch of Black Eyed Juncos.
Black Eyed Junco
Mom was finally able to capture a picture of her elusive Killdeer
The Killdeer.  Always heard but seldom seen.

It also appears that we have a Fisher around our place.  Now Fisher's are members of the weasel family and they are mean.  They are the only creature that will actively seek out and eat a porcupine.  Mom and I have been finding lots of, um, porcupine parts around lately.  Mom thanks the Fisher, whom she has named Carey, get it Carey Fisher, oh, why must she embarrass me so, with all the carnage left behind.   She does wish, however, that Carey, would clean up a little better after him/herself as I also like to find those parts.  Mom would like you to know that stomping on a piece of porcupine while wearing rubber boots will make the quills puncture through the boot.  It is effective, however, in getting said piece away from me.

Mom has started a variety of bedding plants in preparation for the garden.  So far her squashes and tomatoes are starting to germinate and she hopes to be in the garden by late May.  The snow is finally all gone and we are just waiting for it to warm up here.

The only snow left is on the riverbank

We had my daddy's mom visiting us last week and her, mom and dad were really busy in the kitchen.
Looks good guys!

Apparently this is very tasty!  I would not know as I did not get a taste!

Mom's mom, my grammy, is doing much better and finally over her pneumonia.  Unfortunately, her care home once again has several residents ill with the respiratory flu and they are once again under quarantine.  This has been such an awful winter/spring for the flu.  Hoping all residents recover soon from this latest bout of the flu.

Even though we have been looking forward to spring, there is one thing about spring/summer that we do not like.

Sigh, the ticks are back.
 Mom has given me a Nexgard already and that is getting rid of them.  Last year Nexgard was the only thing that worked for me due to the large number of ticks out here.  What does everyone else use for tick prevention in your areas?

Well, I hope you are all doing well and getting some lovely spring type weather.
Spring Sunset

Until next time take care pups!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

It Is Definitely Spring

I am confident in saying that it is now officially spring here.

A few weeks ago our drive looked like this.

We thought this was spring for sure!

But after that picture was taken, it started to snow and snow and snow and then mom didn't take any more pictures, BOL!

Then with Easter coming, the weather did start improving.  My community did a wonderful thing this Easter and they set up an Easter Egg Miracle Tree.  Plastic eggs were sold and the money from the eggs sold will go to the Christmas Miracle program in our community.  This program gives Christmas cheer to those that have suffered a loss in their family, are experiencing ill health, have been laid off, or are just generally having a difficult time.

Easter Egg Miracle Tree

Mom took this picture of the Easter Egg Miracle Tree when it had over 1600 eggs on it.  Just after this more eggs were sold and now there are about 2400 eggs on the tree.  You can read about The Easter Egg Miracle Tree here. 

Daddy's mom came to visit us for Easter and right before her visit, the peeps and her went to a book reading for my Uncle Gerald. 

Uncle Gerald's book display in the bookstore in our city

Yes, Uncle has been writing for a while and this is his first novel.  It officially came out on March 1.  Mom is currently reading the book and is finding it very interesting.  We are proud of Uncle Gerald!

Mom and I have been going for lots of good walks now that the snow is going away.  Yesterday I led the way and took us both on a wonderful walk.  I started walking and eventually I took mom here ..

best place to walk ever........

While mom was considering her situation, I walked a little further ahead and did this ...

Happiness is a mud bath

Yep, mud baths are wonderful and you know, humans pay a lot of money for mud baths! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring so far!  Until next time~

Monday, 7 March 2016

Spring is on the Way!

We really haven't had much of a winter at all this year.  The temperatures have been well above average and we only really had a handful of very cold days when mom insisted I wear my doggie snowsuit outside.

Don't get me wrong, we still have snow ......

Winter is beautiful in all its stark whiteness

Mom and I have even done some snowshoeing.  Well actually it's mom that snowshoes, I just walk along beside her.

Snowshoeing on a beautiful winter day.

We have been seeing lots of birds ......

Chickadee enjoying the suet feeder

Hoary Redpoll

Hairy Woodpecker

This Great Horned Owl was watching mom and I one evening!

Then we saw this group of Whitetailed deer visiting the people across the river!

A sure sign of spring is the return of Canada Geese!
It's Spring!  The Geese are Back!

This was my reaction to the geese....

I could not decide if I should chase them or just watch them, BOL!

Now because it has been so mild, the respiratory flu that was going around never really went away.  It just wasn't cold enough to kill that nasty virus.  If you remember, when the peeps went to visit grammy at Christmas in her care home, they had to gown, mask and glove up as there was an outbreak going around.  Luckily, that time, grammy did not get sick.  Unfortunately there is now another round of respiratory illness going around and this time grammy is sick and currently in quarantine.  Get well soon, grammy, I love you!

I hope you have all had as mild a winter as we have had and I know everyone must be looking forward to spring!

Until next time ....
Nothing more beautiful than a prairie winter sunset!