Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well spring has finally come to the Great White North and my typist has been out in the yard dealing with the flower beds and getting the garden planted. She has seriously planted enough in the garden to feed all of Canada for sure and maybe some of the bordering States, BOL!  As usual, I have been busy supervising her.
Supervising the typist while lounging in my gazebo!
 The typist likes trying new things in the garden every year and this year she is trying kidney beans, chick peas and collard greens.  Collard greens may not be new to some of you, but up here it is a different crop for sure!
My job as supervisor is never done!  Hey, I could use a little more water in my pool!
 When I am not supervising the planting of the garden I have been doing what I love to do best!

If anyone would like a tunnel dug, please call me!  I work for belly rubs and treats!
Come here Mr. Ground Squirrel, I wanna say hello!

Now digging like this is very exhausting work!

When I am not digging holes I am also keeping an eye on the various birds that have shown up this spring!
Cooper's Hawk
This Cooper's Hawk was just hanging out keeping a watchful eye on a ground squirrel hole that was close to him.  The ground squirrel didn't think to make an appearance, so the hawk left empty beaked!

Female Red Winged Black Bird
Yes, I know.  The female Red Winged Black Bird is neither black nor does she have a red wing!  It is the male of this species that has that awesome coloring and that special trill song.

Male Red Winged Black Bird

He is a very talkative fellow as are all his friends!

American Gold Finch

We have been seeing quite a few of these at the feeder lately.

Rose or Red Breasted Grosbeak
Depending on what book you read, this bird is either called a Rose or Red Breasted Grosbeak.  This is the first time the typist had seen this bird at our feeder and she hasn't seen it since.  Hope it comes back!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mallard
Once again we seem to be getting regular daily visits from Mr. and Mrs. Mallard so that probably means that they have a nest close by.  The typist hopes that I don't find the nest!

The typist and I have been going for lots of walks and she has started carrying a lint roller with her on these walks.  Why you might ask?
A sheet from the lint roller with a few unwanted pests!
Now as we are walking and when we come home, she runs the lint roller over her clothes and she usually gets quite a few ticks off that way.  Better on the lint roller than walking on her.

Speaking of those ticks, this year we are using Nexgard as my flea/tick preventative.  It has been amazing!  This is the best product we have ever used to control ticks and we have so many ticks here.  The peeps are still collecting the ticks they do find on me, themselves, wherever and putting them in an old pill bottle.  A couple of those pill bottles have been dropped off at the vet's and the vet was sending them for testing.  Now how do you test a tick?  I don't really know, but apparently they are getting tested for Lyme disease.  Supposedly we don't have the tick that carries the Lyme virus in Saskatchewan yet, but the ticks are being tested just to be sure.

As always we are having some beautiful sunsets.
Beautiful prairie sunset

As we are spending so much time outside, it might be a while before I woof again.  I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer!

Take care all!


  1. Buddy! We are startin to get ready for Daddy's retirement in Nov. At My place in Colorado, they need sum diggin dun. Sumfin called a Septic Tank an a foundation thingy. Yu look like the dog fur the job!
    All those ticks! Ewwww! I guess when they test 'em, they get lil tiny pencils.
    Yu take care up there in the wild prairie!

  2. You do a great job snoopervising butt, wow, what a GREAT excavator you are!!!!
    That sunset is sooo beautiful…time fur napping
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Crikey Buddy ..... you're the BEST digger I've EVER seen. You really get stuck into it, aye?? You sure have some beautiful birds and sunsets BUT I can't get my eyes passed those ticks. Fair dinkum ...... that's a LOT of blood suckers. I hope they haven't got that Lyme disease thingie. I hear it's awful. Our ticks, supposedly, don't carry Lyme disease, but, even worse, they KILL us. They are called paralysis ticks and that's what they do. Paralyse us and then we DIE!!

  4. Yikes, dat are a ton of ticks!

    Luv dat sunset.

  5. Thank dog we don't have many ticks here. It's fleas we have to worry about though. GRRRRR! And yes, the spring has finally sprung!! Here in Ontario I was starting to think we would never get to spring!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Eeuuwww! Too many ticks. Yuck.

    We call that one bird a rose breasted grosbeak here. We see them sometimes, esp at migration times. They sure are pretty!
    Yesterday we saw a rufous sided towhee...looking to pick up grass for his nest. What? Yup the male was nest building.

    Keep up the good digging, BOL!!

  7. Sounds like you have been busy. Those Red Winged Blackbirds sound just like one of our training whistles. Sometimes they confuse the

  8. Hey Buddy! I know yu are keeping busy. We jus' heard bout the turrible fires up yur way. Yu are probly gettin lots o' smoky air frum them, huh?
    Stay safe Pal.