Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hello out there!

Hello out there!  First off, I must fire my typist as she always seems to have other things to do than keeping up my blog.  Why is it so hard to get good help these days, pups? 

First off I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes left on my last blog entry and to share a pawsome picture that Freckles and growly made just for me.

Thank you so much Freckles and growly for thinking of me on my birthday!

I had a pawsome birthday and even got a birthday cake.  No, I didn't get to eat it all in one piece, but mom gave me a piece every other day for several days!  Yeah me!  I also got a tasty deer rib on my birthday.  Yummo!

After my birthday we went on a road trip to see grammy in her care home.  I got to stay in a motel and had a pawsome time visiting with grammy.  I charmed everyone at the care home and mom was told I would be an excellent therapy dog, BOL.  Apparently they thought I was well behaved!  Mom thinks they were talking about another dog and not me!  I gave grammy lots of kisses and I got lots of belly rubs and compliments.

The weather has warmed up  nicely here and most of the snow is now gone.

The only snow remaining

Mom and I came across this last bit of snow while out for a nice walk.  All of the snow is gone from my yard and now I have lots of mud. 

Have I ever mentioned  how much I like mud?  There is nothing better than digging in mud pups!

Digging in mud!

Now the best part about digging in mud is that I can dig out ground squirrels and burrowing pocket gophers.  Several days ago, mom was out working in the flower beds and I was happily digging away.  I lovingly carried the ground squirrel I had caught to her and gently placed the ground squirrel on her shoulder as she was working away.  Did you pups hear a shriek a few days ago?  That was her!  Geez, after all my hard work, you would think she could at least be a little grateful with my gift!

Now there is a certain technique to use when digging for ground squirrels and I would like to share this short tutorial here.  Please note that mom edited out the best part!  Namely the part where I actually dragged the ground squirrel out of the hole, but I think you will at least get the idea of the technique you should use.


I hope the above video has been somewhat helpful for those that want to try unearthing a critter!

Another close up of my digging technique!

For those that are wondering, my river is indeed totally thawed now and the ferry started running late last week!

My river.  April 2015

Spring means lots of treasures are turning up on the ground as the snow recedes, but my spoil sport mom has been taking these treasures away as I bring them to her attention.  The other day we looked out the kitchen window and saw this:

If only birds fed at the feeder!

Of course, I had to chase that critter far, far away.  Mom was thinking the birds were eating a lot of food, BOL!

Speaking of birds, there are lots of birds that just need to be chased.

Northern Flicker

Now I was happily digging a hole, so didn't see this fella on my yard or I would have chased him.  Next time my friend.

Beautiful spring sunset.  April 2015

This past weekend the peeps and I were invited out to my girlfriend's house and everyone had a lovely time.  Thanks so much everyone for the house concert, the great food and wonderful friendship!

My cute little girl friend!
Isn't she cute?  We really get along well together and had lots of fun that evening!

Now spring means I can do lots of running without sinking in deep snow ........

Running like the wind!
...... but spring also means the return of that indomitable tick!

Tick bottle 2015

The ticks have only been back for about a week and already they are making my life miserable!

Well, pups, I hope I haven't bored anyone and I will try to get the typist to sit down more regularly and keep up with things.  The only reason she isn't outside this morning or running errands is because she isn't feeling all that great.  Clearly I have to make her sick on a regular basis so she will keep up my blog, BOL!

Thanks for stopping by pups!  Until next time!

Enjoying a pawsome spring day.  April 2015


  1. HI Buddy! It's really good to hear yu bark! I know whut yu mean 'bout the help. I got stuff to bark 'bout but duz "she who has fingers" do anything to help me? Nope.
    Hey, yud make a great ther a pee dog unless yu tried to sit in sum of the peepoles laps. Yu weigh more than sum of 'em!
    Yur place is lookin great fur enjoying the spring timey stuff!

    1. BOL, Zoe! The momma put me on a diet and I lost 9 whole pounds, so maybe I could sit on their laps!

  2. Why are mommas never grateful for our deaded rodents??

    1. I know, right! And I dug it up with such love!

  3. WooHoo, cake and deer rib, that was a pawtastic burfday Buddy.
    That's a whole lotta ticks there, please tell me they DIDN'T come of you?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Princess Leah, some of those ticks came offa the momma person, but most were on me! I got me some stuff now from the vet, so that should help.

  4. Gud to hear ya bark, Buddy!! Dose ticks look skerry! Is dere any kind of repellant dat would keep dem off ya?

    And I knows whut ya mean bout good help bein' hard to find... my Momma has been very lax in her dooties. Dat's why I missed wishin' ya Happy Birthday.... So Happy Belated Birthday, Buddy!

    1. Finley, I gots me some repellant from the vet, and that has helped!

  5. Crikey Buddy .... those ticks sure look mean. We have deadly ticks here. Do your ticks kill you if your Mom doesn't find them?? Ours do. They are dead scary. Mum makes up a solution of stuff in a bottle and she sprays it on me whenever I am near tick territory (which is almost all spring and summer). The ticks don't like it and they don't get on me. I don't like it much either but I do get used to it and it's better than getting a tick. It goes like this. Fill a spray bottle (about 2 cups of water) with water to which has been added about 6 drops of each of the following:- tea-tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and citronella oil. Mum just sprays it on me when we go for a bush walk. Around home It's ok but when near bushland I sure need it. So far I've never had a tick on me. No fleas either. They don't like it as well. Better than the commercial poisons they like to put on us. Worth a try, aye??
    Crikey Buddy ...... it might be good that your Mom's home and typing for you but I sure hope she's ok. Being sick's no good, mate. Don't wish that on her. Glad your getting lots of running and diggin' in. It's looking good at your corner of the world, aye?? Mum loves that little bird, bloke ...... she's never seen one of those. We don't see them downunder. Pretty lookin' bloke!!

    1. Mom has heard about how nasty the ticks are down under! That is scary. Now ours can make you very sick if you don't get them off in a timely matter. Mom has tried a solution similar to the one that you posted, but she will try it again!

  6. Sounds like you've been having a blast!!!
    And a big EW to those ticks!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Yup, I have been having a good time!

  7. It's good to hear from you Buddy! Looks like you're living the good life! Yum yums, digging up squirrels (our squirrels run up into the trees) visiting and parties! Wow! I had a tick on me last year. It was gross. We're lucky we don't have so many fleas and ticks around here.

    1. We don't have fleas, but we sure have them ticks! I lost count of how many I had on my last year!

  8. That is great to see all the spring happening in your environs, Buddy!

    Except those yucky ticks...OMD:(

    Hope your Momma is feeling better now, POTP to her!

    1. And you are furry welcome fur that picture!

    2. Oh, momma is just fine now! Thanks for asking!

  9. Oh ugg on the ticks. Can't stand them. We are glad you are enjoying the spring...but ugg on the ticks!

    1. Yup, the ticks are the one thing that is wrong with spring and summer around here.