Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Buddy!

Buddy, we don't know your exact date of birth, but everything pointed to the beginning of April.  Thus, April 1st marks your 3rd birthday.  You have changed from the scared, sick pup we adopted into a wonderful side kick and companion and I love you.

Buddy, how do I love thee?? Let me count the ways ...

1. I love thee agreeably - enough to put up with the aroma your fur gives off after swimming in the river, or after ditch diving, or being out in the rain, or rolling in something foul that you have come across while on our walk.


Me ditch diving yesterday, March 31, 2015.  Mom says I now need a bath!  Boo, I rather like my smell!

2. I love thee steadfastly - enough to sit with a 65 pound sick pup on my lap all night and then taking you to the vet as soon as it opened.  Enough to pace the floor waiting to hear if you were in liver or kidney failure and enough to worry endlessly after your 6th and final round of medicine was finished  that you might still be sick.  Luckily, we had finally beat that infection into submission.

You seriously had the biggest paws ever for a puppy!

3. I love thee passionately - enough to let you lick me with the same tongue you use for various other atrocities none of which I can possibly repeat here.  Although I wish you would let  me know before kissing me that you have been eating poo again.  Seeing you smile with the remains of said excrement on your teeth and tongue is a bit revolting!

Looking innocent -- BOL, a rarity!

4. I love thee well - despite the amazing odors you produce.  Perhaps your stretching beside the bed in the morning and then letting go with a silent by deadly one is your way of saying you love me?  Perhaps you shouldn't love me so much!?

I sleep so soundly!

5. I love thee deeply - even though you use me as a napkin at every opportunity and I have drool marks on most of my clothes and the windows bear your signature Monet artwork.  You have literally spread dirt, fur, water and drool through every room in the house -- but you have spread a lot of sunshine and love along with it.

Who me?  Do I look like someone that would use you as a napkin, BOL?

6. I love thee madly - despite the occasional carpet clean up needed after you devour some morsel you find outside only to discover it disagrees with you hours later.  However, finding said stomach disagreement by stepping in it first thing in the morning is somewhat, um, revolting!

As if I would eat something that disagrees with me, BOL!

7. I love thee constantly - despite the dog 6:00 a.m. "bladder curfew" wake up call I must now adhere to.
Ah, poor mom being woken up at 6:00 a.m.  Gee, I feel so bad!
 8. I love thee truly - despite the doggie landmines I find outside, or your desire to dig in the garden, flowerbeds etc., or your desire to bring home every piece of carrion you find.  The beaver head was a little much, just saying!  Your landscaping has been rather interesting if I do say so myself!

Another day and another excavation courtesy of me!

9. I love thee absolutely - because you are always ready to be my sidekick when we go for a drive, are always ecstatic to see me and you light up my day.  Ok, mostly when I come home you just kinda lie there, roll over for a belly rub and then decide if you want to follow me or not, but you do light up my day!

Am I not the most adorable thing ever momma?!

10. I love thee gratefully - because you stay by my side and you are my confidant.  Of course, there are those times you take off after some critter, but you are getting much better at returning to my side when I call. 
Proving I am in fact an 82 pound lap dog!

11. I love thee devotedly - more than spotless carpeting, clothing, furniture, floors, walls or vehicles or dog hair free food. 

Sometimes I shed a little bit!
 12. I love thee bravely - enough to battle the indomitable tick. clean your fur after you roll in some digusting and vile thing and tackling the occasional klingon on your behalf.

Bottoms up, mom!
13. I love thee monetarily - enough to put the vet's children through college and probably graduate school and to support whatever leisure activities she may have.

And you love me enough to buy buckets of shampoo, BOL!
 14. I love thee openly - yes, I will bear any embarrassment for your furry sake and goodness knows, your way of sticking your nose where it absolutely does not belong has been embarrassing on more than one occasion.  We don't call you the sphincter inspector for nothing!

I am innocent until proven guilty!

15. I love thee totally - more than free time, excess cash or a predictable life.

Yeah, momma loves me!
 Happy birthday, Buddy boy and many more!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday to your big lovable beautiful boy who makes everyday a great day! What a great post, loved reading it. Hugs & kisses for Buddy!

  2. Happy Burfday Buddy!!!
    Haf a great day filled wiv lots of CAKE!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Wow! Have a super duper birthday Buddy!

    Yu are keepin it 'citin up there in the Sassy Catchy Won place!

    Now get out there an find sumfin Stinky!

  4. Oh Happy Birthday you sweet wonderful pup!!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. Wow! That's an amazing birthday tribute! Happy birthday Buddy!

  6. What a great birthday tribute. All so true! Happy Birthday Buddy.

  7. Happy Birthday number three!!
    Whoo-hoo! You sure have a pawsome place to find all those fun and stinky things!
    And you get to *run*!!

    Anyways, Growlmy helped me make you a picture to help your dogabration:


    Just C/P the URL into a new tab in your browser to see it, and then you can save it from there or post it, etc.

    Woofs, I gotta go and try to do some catching up in the blogs around here.

    1. Thank you for the pawsome picture!

    2. You're welcome!

      Sheesh, I am so fur behind, like you sometimes say, I need to fire this dogretary I have...she just gets all bogged down in kitty stuff, BOL!

  8. Great list. Happy birthday Buddy!

  9. happy belated birthday handsome