Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Not Much Going On

Well pups, not much has really happened since my last blog entry.  Mom just looked at that entry and tried to count the quills in that one picture.  She thinks her and dad removed between 35-40 from me that day and the vets removed another two dozen or so when I got to them.  I was on pain medication for a few days after the quill removal and it upset my stomach.  Basically I just laid around and felt sorry for myself.
So bored!

It has also been cold here!  This weekend was especially brutal!
The outside temperature is -35.9C and with the windchill it was -43C.  That is cold weather you use Celsius or Fahrenheit!

Now you would think with temperatures like that, my river would be freezing over again.  I mean really, -35C!  Anything would freeze solid in those temperatures, right!
My River on a -35 C morning
As you can see, there is still open water and if you look close, you can actually see steam rising from the river.  This has been such an odd winter and usually the river is frozen over, but not this year.  Last year, dad and I would take walks across the river, but there is no chance we are doing that this winter!

We got more snow this weekend and I think that is wonderful.  I just love snow and say "bring it on" to more snow.  The peeps are not so thrilled about it.  Oh and I think you should check out my friend Charlie's blog.  You see, my friend Charlie also got snow this weekend!  Big deal you say!  Well Charlie lives in Australia!  You know, the land down under!  Check it out!

Mom has been very careful when she takes me for walks since the porcupine incident.  We don't want another return trip to the emergency vet.  She heard on the internet about one friend of a friend, who in the last 3 years for her 2 dogs, has spent over $8,000 on quill removal.  That is an ouch in more ways than one!  Mom says I am in no way to try and meet or beat this dubious honor.

Like I said, mom is being very careful when I am out.  Yesterday I had a pawsome time running in the orchard next door, digging in the snow and eating the snow.  We saw absolutely no tracks of any kind and we had an awesome outing.  As I was burying my head in the snow and eating it, I started rubbing my paw in my mouth.  Now mom didn't think too much about that.  Just thought I was eating too much snow, so we headed home.  I kept pawing my mouth, so mom pried my mouth open.  Was she surprised.
Mom found this in my tongue!
Clearly porcupines must shed, because neither one of us saw any!  Mom pulled it out quickly and then gave me a hug and then a treat.

Later that night, we again went out for a walk and mom decided to put me on my leash because it was getting darker and she likes to keep tabs on me.  As we are walking we see a porcupine in the orchard crawling up one of the buffaloberry trees.  This morning we saw a porcupine in a tree by the river and another in the orchard.  Mom would just like to ask all pointy creatures that want to hurt me to just leave us alone!  Ok, rant over, BOL!

So right now I am chilling in the house because it is again snowing outside.  Mom has again lectured me on staying away from the porcupines and not trying to get revenge on them if I see another one.  As you can see from the picture below, I am listening very attentively to her!
You talking to me!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How Not To Spend Valentine's Day

Well pups, some of you know that this guy has been hanging around my place.


Usually I just sit and stare at him.

Pondering the porcupine.

Yesterday I did something I should not have.

Quills removed by mom and dad at home

They got a few out, but I got so agitated that mom and dad had to take me to the Emergency Vet last night.  Believe me, pups, it is not very romantic to spend Valentine's evening at the Emergency Vet.  I had a rough night and woke mom up several times.  Mom is very tired today because of this.  I am on pain killers for a few more days.  Take it from me, do not get near a porcupine.
Not how you want to spend Valentine's Day evening

Saturday, 7 February 2015

We Got Snow!

Finally, winter has come to the Great White North and we got snow!  Oh, I am so happy! 

A couple of days ago I sat down and pondered the fact that we had so little snow!

Enjoying the sunrise and pondering the lack of snow

You see pups, I love to bury my whole head in the snow (momma calls this my ostrich impersonation) and dig tunnels like you wouldn't believe.  This is extremely hard to do when there is no snow. 

Thursday night into Friday that all changed and it started to snow and snow and snow.

6 inches of snow!  How pawsome is that!

Now the only problem with the 6 inches of snow is that it is the light and fluffy type and that is oh so hard to dig tunnels in.  I am doing my best at making snow puppies and rolling and rolling in it in the hopes that I pack it down enough to finally do my ostrich impersonation.

Today we woke up to some gorgeous sundogs.


Of course, gorgeous sundogs only means that the temperature is gonna drop and it is gonna get much colder.  Bring it on I say.  The Husky in me wants to run and play in the snow!

Have a great weekend all!