Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Please Be Careful Out There

It has continued being very mild up here in the Great White North.  We have even had temperatures close to or even above freezing for the last week.  Now we have had some very cold days, but then it has warmed up in between the cold snaps.  I think I have said before that in previous winter's people have driven across my river on the ice road as a short cut.  Well this year we just haven't had enough days of continuous cold, but still people were driving across the river at the ferry crossings. 
Looking at my river, January 20, 2015

With the warmer weather we have had last week, the ice started to thin.  Then water was released from the dam and this increased the flow of the river under the ice.  This led to the ice getting really thin and warnings went out to stay away from the ferry crossings because of the thin ice.

Another view of my river, January 20, 2015

Of course there are always those people that still want to take the short cut across the river even when the conditions are not ideal. 

This happened last Friday

This person is very lucky to still be here.


I have been on the search for the critter responsible for this track!
Porcupine track
Mom took this picture of the porcupine track after I had a close encounter with it.  Mom and I were out walking last Friday and I was having a great old time running ahead of her and playing in the snow.  Mom saw me in the distance "dancing" around something and she thought I had caught a mouse.  When she got closer she realized I was dancing around a porcupine.  "Look what I found mom", I said, and she totally freaked out on me.  I was close enough to sniff it, and then I pawed it.  Then mom shrieked at me to come.  I hesitated, but figured I needed to stop her shrieking, so I went to her.  How I managed to get only one quill in the bottom of foot is still a mystery to mom.  After mom safely got me in the house, she went back out with the camera to try and get a close up of the critter but could only find its tracks.  She followed them across the road and through the ditch and then she saw it.  Now had she not managed to get her jacket caught on the barbed wire fence she was trying to get through, she would have had a pawsome picture of the critter, but sadly, no close up this time.

This morning is still mild and snowing lightly.  Mom and I took a nice walk in the field.

Buddy - 1; Deer Mouse - 0
How is the weather where you pups are?  Is anyone else having above average temperatures for the month of January?    Apparently we will start to get more seasonable weather next week.

Until next time, stay safe everyone!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope everyone had a pawsome Christmas and is now enjoying the New Year!  How was everyone's Christmas?  Did you get lots of treats or maybe even some table scraps?

My mom and her brother had a good visit with grammy in the care home and they arrived back to my place on Christmas Eve.  Now the weather up to Christmas had been especially mild and humid and then things started to cool down significantly around Christmas.  All that humidity and then coolness caused some cool looking hoar frost on absolutely everything.  I am borrowing the next two pictures from our power companies Twitter feed. 
Frost on power line
Looks pretty doesn't it?  Well if you get enough frost on the power lines, and the electrical structures bad things happen.
Damaged electrical structure due to heavy frost
Damaged electrical structures means lots and LOTS, have I mentioned LOTS of power outages over several days!  Oy vey!  Try cooking a meal when the power keeps going out.  Sometimes the power just stayed out for several hours, and then when you thought you had it back, out it would again.  As frustrating as this was over Christmas for a good portion of our province, we are thankful for the electrical workers that worked in the very frigid conditions to deice the electrical wires and restore power to everyone.

Despite all the power outages, I was one happy pup to have mom home on December 24th!
Mommy and Me, Christmas Eve 2014

Here I am proving that I am in fact an 82 pound lab dog!  BOL!

Despite the power outages the peeps did have a good Christmas meal.  They got creative when it came to making the stuffing.
Waffled Stuffing!
The waffled stuffing was very good.  I wouldn't know as I didn't get any!  But apparently the only thing they would change is the amount of butter the recipe calls for.  They thought it was way too much!  Don't worry pups, I did get something special for Christmas dinner!  A hunter friend of the peeps has given me two big boxes of deer bones, and I got a nice deer rib to gnaw on for Christmas. Yeah me!

So after everyone had a pawsome meal, mom's brother got sick.  Poor guy!  He was only gonna stay a few days and due to illness, did not feel well enough to leave until January 1.  Before uncle left, the momma also succumbed to the flu, the only good thing about this is neither one of them gained any weight over Christmas!  In fact, uncle lost around 7 pounds!   We still have a freezer full of goodies if anyone is interested.

As uncle was recuperating and mom was starting to get sick, uncle took me for a walk one day.  During our walk I decided it would be fun to run over the river bank.  Just then mom decided to step out on the deck and talk to uncle and then uncle saw me.  I was running on the ice on the river chasing a coyote and there was still open water on the river!  Mom panicked and quickly called for dad.  Dad got on his jacket and boots and hurried outside while uncle raced down the river bank towards to the river.  By the time dad got outside, he heard uncle telling me I was a bad boy and he was putting my leash on me.
River with open water taken around Christmas 2014
Mom was so relieved when uncle and I came into the house that she hugged uncle.  Uncle turned  to me and said, "See what a bad doggie you are?  You made your momma hug her brother!" BOL!  I was taken outside on a leash after that. 
Closer view of open water and ice chunks on the river.  Christmas 2014

The river should now be frozen, or at least we hope so.  We have been under an "Extreme Cold Warning" for the last few days.  Calculating in the windchill one day last weekend, the temperature was -45 C or -49 F for my American friends.  Mom and I took a short, quick walk that morning outside.
Mom and I enjoying -45 C weather!
Even I was lifting up my paws when the temperature was that cold.  Please remember to bring your pets inside when it is that cold.  If it is too cold for you, it is also too cold for them.

Well all the power outages caused the confuser to get very confused so I know I have a lot of catching up to do with the blogs.

Once again I would like to wish everyone the very best for the New Year!  Take care all!