Friday, 18 December 2015

Winter is Upon Us

Hey, everyone!  It's me again!  Remember me?!?!

We have been having some very strange weather of late.  Our temperatures have been well above the seasonal normal and even my river isn't frozen over yet.

Closely watching my river.  Shouldn't it be frozen?

I had the pleasure of visiting my grammy earlier this month when her care home was having a Christmas program.

Grammy getting a hug from Santa

We are hoping to visit grammy again at Christmas, but right now her care home has restrictions on visiting as they are experiencing an outbreak of the flu.  There have been no new cases of the flu in the last couple of days, so hopefully the restrictions will be lifted before Christmas.
As per usual, I am loving the winter weather.

Oh my dawg!!! Snow!!! So happy!!

We just came back from a pawsome walk and it is a tad frosty out today.

A little cold today, but finally getting seasonal temps!
Some Christmas decorating has been done.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care!

Thanks to all the pups that have sent me Christmas cards!  So far, I have lots more than the peeps, BOL!

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

... And now it is Fall

Hey everyone!  Remember me?  I know!  Long time no woof!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful summer.  I helped mom in the garden, did some patrols of the neighbor's orchard and did some swimming in the river.

Chasing critters in the neighbor's orchard


My summer was plagued by one nasty critter.

We have named him Pepe LePeu

Now one evening I was walking in the neighbor's orchard when I took off after Pepe.  Now Pepe didn't like me chasing him and turned his butt towards me and the next thing I know my eyes are running and I am having troubles breathing.  I go running to mom and mom immediately knows what happened and tries to get the leash on me to take me home.  As we are walking home, I keep stopping and rubbing my face in the grass.  My eyes were running something horrible and they were a bit swollen and I was dry heaving.  I also didn't smell so good, BOL.  Now obviously momma and I were heading home in the same direction that Pepe was going as mom heard something and turned around in time to see Pepe raise his tail and then he sprayed mom.  Now mom didn't smell so good, BOL! 

Now I got one bath out in the garden and then mom had dad come and smell me and he kept asking mom to back up because he really couldn't tell which one of us smelled worse.  So mom took off her clothes and put them in the truck box and there she is standing outside in her boy shorts, sports bra and rubber boots, ah, now that must have been a sight, and she is scrubbing me once again.  As she is scrubbing me, she hears from across the river "Dad, there is a woman across the river washing her dog and all she is wearing is her underwear!"  So mom shouts back, "take a picture!"  Now seriously pups, there is quite a distance from that house across the river, so they obviously were looking through binoculars or something similar.  Had mom been thinking faster she should have shouted, "you really need to put down the binoculars".  But I have digressed now haven't I?!  Hmm, anywhoodle, I got about three baths because of Pepe that day!

I have also visited with my grammy at the care home.  My grammy turned 90 this summer and mom and aunty and I went to visit her.  As mom was walking me through the halls of the care home one day, she hears from somewhere behind "Oh, that's Buddy.  He's everyone favorite dog".  One day I went with mom and grammy to grammy's exercise class in the morning.  A gentlemen came into the exercise room.  He had recently had a stroke and had not smiled since his stroke.  He slowly maneuvered his wheel chair over to where I was sitting with mom.  At that moment his wife came to visit him and mom saw her put her hand to her mouth and it looked like she was crying.  Mom looks over at me, and this gentleman was holding my head between his hands and he was slowly caressing my head and I was looking so happy.  So was he and he had a very broad smile on his face!  Another time I went and said hello to a lady that had also had a stroke.  I went and nuzzled her as she sat in her wheelchair and she slowly moves her hand over to caress me.  I guess you could call me a quasi-therapy dog!

We have had an awesome fall and the farmers have enjoyed the warm weather which has enabled them to get their crops harvested.

Watching the neighbor's harvest

Four combines, 1 semi grain truck and 80 acres harvested in one hour!  This is how we do things in the Great White North.

Now that it is fall, hunting season has started and these signs are going up.  Obviously I know how to read, as I was running through the field and then I stopped and sat beside this sign and refused to move. 

Mom's eagle is still here

A lot of our birds have left already this fall, but mom was happy to see that her eagle is still hanging around.  We had a tiny bit of snow yesterday, but nothing appreciable and personally, I am looking forward to snow and winter.  How about you!?

I hope all of my pals have had a pawsome summer and fall and are now ready for winter. 

Take care

Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Summer So Far

First off, let me apologize for the laziness of my typist!  She will be fired, don't worry, BOL!  Just as soon as she stocks up the freezer with homemade treats for me, I will fire her. 

As some of you know, my province, Saskatchewan, has been hit hard with forest fires this year.  At one point 13,000 people were evacuated from Northern Saskatchewan as the fires encroached on their villages and towns.  The town I was born in is La Ronge.  La Ronge is still evacuated and the forest fire is surrounding it on three sides apparently.  I am thankful that I was a rescue from that town 3 years and am thankful for the pawsome furever family I found. 

As the people were evacuated, those that were able, took their pets with them and I know a lot were placed in various boarding kennels.  Those that were unable to take their pets with them, had to leave them.  The Pack Project has been going up North and bringing pets down for various rescues, and also taking food and blankets to the various rescues and pets left behind in the evacuated communities.  The momma donated three large garbage bags of blankets to them and also bought a large bag of dog food to send up to them.  The store where she bought the food from matched her donation.  She thought that was pretty great. 

Our province has been experiencing a terrible drought and we have had some rain recently, but we certainly need a lot more.  At one point we had firefighters from Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Montana, and North and South Dakota here helping us fight the fires.  Even the Canadian military was called in to help.  Paws crossed the fires get under control soon and more people can go home.  As of today, 1,000 evacuees were allowed to go home to communities that were no longer at risk.  However, if any of those evacuees had respiratory issues, they could not go as the smoke is still very bad in Northern Saskatchewan.

As the fires burned up North and depending on how the winds were, we also got smoke.

This was one morning a couple of weeks ago.

Mom took that picture at about 8:30 a.m. in the morning.  The smoke continued to get thicker as the day went on.
This was taken the next morning.
 The smoke was really bad that day and our air quality was, on a scale of 1 - 10 at 10+.  Apparently our air quality was worse than the air in Beijing, and mom has been to Beijing so she knows how bad the air quality is there.

When the smoke isn't too bad, mom and I have been outside in the garden.
Supervising mom in the garden
 It is a rough job, but someone has to do it.

The garden is not great this year due to the drought and the terrible heat. Mom has been putting the soaker hose on the garden, so we will wait and see what we get.

Some of  mom's flowers have done really well.
Tiger Lily

I must say that our rhubarb plant is doing really well again this year.
Only on the Ponderosa can you grow rhubarb as big as a Honda Civic, BOL!

Of course, summer wouldn't be summer without some bird watching.
Mourning  Doves

Cedar Waxwing

House Sparrow


Brown-Headed Cowbird

No summer is complete with trips down to my river.  It is very, very low this year.  There has been virtually no runoff from the mountains in Alberta and our water level in the river is the lowest it has been for several years.

Surveying my kingdom down at the river

Rolling in something disgusting at the river

Personally, I thought this smelled wonderful

Now all this supervising mom in the garden and rolling in disgusting stuff at the river is exhausting.

Resting up after an especially exhausting day

Thanks for stopping by pups and I will try to get the typist to be a little better about chatting with you.  Well, if I don't fire her, BOL!

All the smoke, did make for some beautiful sunsets

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well spring has finally come to the Great White North and my typist has been out in the yard dealing with the flower beds and getting the garden planted. She has seriously planted enough in the garden to feed all of Canada for sure and maybe some of the bordering States, BOL!  As usual, I have been busy supervising her.
Supervising the typist while lounging in my gazebo!
 The typist likes trying new things in the garden every year and this year she is trying kidney beans, chick peas and collard greens.  Collard greens may not be new to some of you, but up here it is a different crop for sure!
My job as supervisor is never done!  Hey, I could use a little more water in my pool!
 When I am not supervising the planting of the garden I have been doing what I love to do best!

If anyone would like a tunnel dug, please call me!  I work for belly rubs and treats!
Come here Mr. Ground Squirrel, I wanna say hello!

Now digging like this is very exhausting work!

When I am not digging holes I am also keeping an eye on the various birds that have shown up this spring!
Cooper's Hawk
This Cooper's Hawk was just hanging out keeping a watchful eye on a ground squirrel hole that was close to him.  The ground squirrel didn't think to make an appearance, so the hawk left empty beaked!

Female Red Winged Black Bird
Yes, I know.  The female Red Winged Black Bird is neither black nor does she have a red wing!  It is the male of this species that has that awesome coloring and that special trill song.

Male Red Winged Black Bird

He is a very talkative fellow as are all his friends!

American Gold Finch

We have been seeing quite a few of these at the feeder lately.

Rose or Red Breasted Grosbeak
Depending on what book you read, this bird is either called a Rose or Red Breasted Grosbeak.  This is the first time the typist had seen this bird at our feeder and she hasn't seen it since.  Hope it comes back!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mallard
Once again we seem to be getting regular daily visits from Mr. and Mrs. Mallard so that probably means that they have a nest close by.  The typist hopes that I don't find the nest!

The typist and I have been going for lots of walks and she has started carrying a lint roller with her on these walks.  Why you might ask?
A sheet from the lint roller with a few unwanted pests!
Now as we are walking and when we come home, she runs the lint roller over her clothes and she usually gets quite a few ticks off that way.  Better on the lint roller than walking on her.

Speaking of those ticks, this year we are using Nexgard as my flea/tick preventative.  It has been amazing!  This is the best product we have ever used to control ticks and we have so many ticks here.  The peeps are still collecting the ticks they do find on me, themselves, wherever and putting them in an old pill bottle.  A couple of those pill bottles have been dropped off at the vet's and the vet was sending them for testing.  Now how do you test a tick?  I don't really know, but apparently they are getting tested for Lyme disease.  Supposedly we don't have the tick that carries the Lyme virus in Saskatchewan yet, but the ticks are being tested just to be sure.

As always we are having some beautiful sunsets.
Beautiful prairie sunset

As we are spending so much time outside, it might be a while before I woof again.  I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful summer!

Take care all!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Seriously!? or WTF!?

This morning we woke up to a grey and overcast day.  Mom heard on the radio that we were under a "Heavy Snowfall Warning".  Now the wind was cold and it certainly look like we might get some precipitation, but snow!?

Around mid-morning it did start to snow.  It has not let up, and supposedly the greatest accumulation is yet to occur as this should fall overnight. 

I insisted mom take me for my normal evening walk and when she opened the door, this is what she saw!

Kinda nice, don't you think!

Yup, she opened the door and said, "Seriously", well actually she said something else, but I will not allow her to put it here.  Use your imagination, BOL.

Now as for me, well I love snow!

Oh, joy, the snow is back!

Yeah, she told me to stop being so darn happy about the snow.  So then I decided to go check out the river!

I was listening to something over the riverbank

I decided it wasn't worth my while to chase whatever was down there so I kept running in the snow!

High stepping in the snow!

You gotta admit that those Saskatoon bushes behind me look kinda nice with all the snow!

The lookout!

Mom is wondering if anyone would like to come and have a cold one at the look out!  Ok, maybe she should wait a while before inviting anyone over.

Checking out the river.

So what did the peeps do on this snow day today?

Made fresh spring rolls and wonton soup.

Looks yummy doesn't it?  I wouldn't know, I didn't get any!  Rude!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hello out there!

Hello out there!  First off, I must fire my typist as she always seems to have other things to do than keeping up my blog.  Why is it so hard to get good help these days, pups? 

First off I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes left on my last blog entry and to share a pawsome picture that Freckles and growly made just for me.

Thank you so much Freckles and growly for thinking of me on my birthday!

I had a pawsome birthday and even got a birthday cake.  No, I didn't get to eat it all in one piece, but mom gave me a piece every other day for several days!  Yeah me!  I also got a tasty deer rib on my birthday.  Yummo!

After my birthday we went on a road trip to see grammy in her care home.  I got to stay in a motel and had a pawsome time visiting with grammy.  I charmed everyone at the care home and mom was told I would be an excellent therapy dog, BOL.  Apparently they thought I was well behaved!  Mom thinks they were talking about another dog and not me!  I gave grammy lots of kisses and I got lots of belly rubs and compliments.

The weather has warmed up  nicely here and most of the snow is now gone.

The only snow remaining

Mom and I came across this last bit of snow while out for a nice walk.  All of the snow is gone from my yard and now I have lots of mud. 

Have I ever mentioned  how much I like mud?  There is nothing better than digging in mud pups!

Digging in mud!

Now the best part about digging in mud is that I can dig out ground squirrels and burrowing pocket gophers.  Several days ago, mom was out working in the flower beds and I was happily digging away.  I lovingly carried the ground squirrel I had caught to her and gently placed the ground squirrel on her shoulder as she was working away.  Did you pups hear a shriek a few days ago?  That was her!  Geez, after all my hard work, you would think she could at least be a little grateful with my gift!

Now there is a certain technique to use when digging for ground squirrels and I would like to share this short tutorial here.  Please note that mom edited out the best part!  Namely the part where I actually dragged the ground squirrel out of the hole, but I think you will at least get the idea of the technique you should use.


I hope the above video has been somewhat helpful for those that want to try unearthing a critter!

Another close up of my digging technique!

For those that are wondering, my river is indeed totally thawed now and the ferry started running late last week!

My river.  April 2015

Spring means lots of treasures are turning up on the ground as the snow recedes, but my spoil sport mom has been taking these treasures away as I bring them to her attention.  The other day we looked out the kitchen window and saw this:

If only birds fed at the feeder!

Of course, I had to chase that critter far, far away.  Mom was thinking the birds were eating a lot of food, BOL!

Speaking of birds, there are lots of birds that just need to be chased.

Northern Flicker

Now I was happily digging a hole, so didn't see this fella on my yard or I would have chased him.  Next time my friend.

Beautiful spring sunset.  April 2015

This past weekend the peeps and I were invited out to my girlfriend's house and everyone had a lovely time.  Thanks so much everyone for the house concert, the great food and wonderful friendship!

My cute little girl friend!
Isn't she cute?  We really get along well together and had lots of fun that evening!

Now spring means I can do lots of running without sinking in deep snow ........

Running like the wind!
...... but spring also means the return of that indomitable tick!

Tick bottle 2015

The ticks have only been back for about a week and already they are making my life miserable!

Well, pups, I hope I haven't bored anyone and I will try to get the typist to sit down more regularly and keep up with things.  The only reason she isn't outside this morning or running errands is because she isn't feeling all that great.  Clearly I have to make her sick on a regular basis so she will keep up my blog, BOL!

Thanks for stopping by pups!  Until next time!

Enjoying a pawsome spring day.  April 2015