Friday, 19 December 2014

How many days till Christmas?

Well there are
That's how many days till Christmas!

Is it me, or is it creepy that Santa sees us when we are awake or are sleeping and he knows when we have been good or bad?  Isn't this called stalking, BOL!  Hmmm, mom was always afraid of Santa and that is why there are no pictures of her as a child on Santa's knee!

Today has started out very foggy
My river - December 19, 2014
Of course the weather always has to change right before Christmas.  We have a forecast calling for fog, freezing drizzle and snow.  What kinda of weather are you expecting for Christmas?

Guess who is hiding under here?
No, not Santa, BOL!  That durn skwerl is under here!  One of these days my friend!

Mom will be going soon to visit grammy in the nursing home.  Grammy asked mom if she could bring me next spring or summer to see her, and I think that is a pawsome idea, don't you?

Before mom's trip we did take a  nice walk and I once again found something vile and disgusting to roll in!  Your welcome mom!
Dashing through the snow!

Mom is seriously thinking about getting me sleigh and a harness!  Oh my dogness!  Maybe she thinks I should pull her around all winter!  She tells me I am part Husky and that is what I should do!

Well, as mom is heading out soon, we would like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy and safe holiday season!

Take care all!


  1. Oh, it's a good thing yu got a snowman cuz yu know, us dogs ain't good with numbers.
    Stay warm there Buddy. Yur river is lookin cold an froze up with big ice chunks.
    Hmm, a sleigh an harness, huh? Yu can run but can yu stop? Yu know, when yur Mom Wants yu to stop? I think it's jus all code wurds fur tryin to tire yu out! Don't fall fur any tricks!
    Best wishes to yu an yur folks Buddy! Merry Christmas!
    An thank yu fur the polar bears chill-axin!

  2. Crikey Buddy ..... Santa's ok, mate!! He doesn't really watch us. I know cause I'm NEVER good and he left heaps of pressies for me last year. My Mum was scared of him when she was little too. No way would she sit on his knee.
    Struth ...... your weather sure is looking cold and grey, aye? We are expecting it to be HOT and steamy on Christmas day but not REAL hot. We've had some stinkers lately but Christmas day is supposed to be only 30C so it will be perfect, aye?? Even though it's hot we will be having a hot roast dinner with plum puddin and everything. How silly is that?? Mum says it's something about tradition. Whatever that is.
    I hope you're allowed to go and see you Grammy in the new year. I go to see my Nan and she gets all excited when she knows I'm coming. I LOVE my Nan.
    Well done on finding something stinky to roll in!! That's fun, aye?? The peeps go off their heads.
    I sure hope you and your Family have a wonderful and safe Christmas too Buddy.

  3. It are gonna be 65 and sunny here!

  4. We do not have snow right now...but we are expecting a storm on Dec really... we will have a white Christmas! Good thing the boss boy and unfurbro will be here before the snow flies...

    Tell your Mom and Dad that we wish them a a safe trip see your grammy. I hope you can see her sometime soon, too.

    Now be a good pup and stay out of stinky things, BOL!

  5. Gud werk wif da stinky junk, Buddy!! Nuffin sez 'MEWWY CHWISTMUS' wike a woll in sum disgustin' pile ob ded junk or da poop ob sum stwange cweature whu r obbiouswy in gastwik distwess. BOL :D

    We r heerin' confwictin' weports 'bout da upcomin' weafer heer in SW Ontawio. Sum say 'BIG SNOWZ' an' sum say 'Gween Chwistmus dis yeer'. We usuawwy ged weafer aftur Fweckles r dun wif it, so mabbe we will be geddin' snowz??? I shur hope so.
    Mewwy Chwistmus tu yu an' yur hole fambly, Buddy! 'Cept NOD tu dat darn skwerl!!!

  6. All our snow has gone and we're expecting rain on Christmas day! blah! We love running in the snow!

  7. OH MY DOG BUDDY! Can you believe it??? Santa PAws will be here soon! Sooner than soon!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. HAPPY 2015!!!
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