Friday, 19 December 2014

How many days till Christmas?

Well there are
That's how many days till Christmas!

Is it me, or is it creepy that Santa sees us when we are awake or are sleeping and he knows when we have been good or bad?  Isn't this called stalking, BOL!  Hmmm, mom was always afraid of Santa and that is why there are no pictures of her as a child on Santa's knee!

Today has started out very foggy
My river - December 19, 2014
Of course the weather always has to change right before Christmas.  We have a forecast calling for fog, freezing drizzle and snow.  What kinda of weather are you expecting for Christmas?

Guess who is hiding under here?
No, not Santa, BOL!  That durn skwerl is under here!  One of these days my friend!

Mom will be going soon to visit grammy in the nursing home.  Grammy asked mom if she could bring me next spring or summer to see her, and I think that is a pawsome idea, don't you?

Before mom's trip we did take a  nice walk and I once again found something vile and disgusting to roll in!  Your welcome mom!
Dashing through the snow!

Mom is seriously thinking about getting me sleigh and a harness!  Oh my dogness!  Maybe she thinks I should pull her around all winter!  She tells me I am part Husky and that is what I should do!

Well, as mom is heading out soon, we would like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy and safe holiday season!

Take care all!

Monday, 15 December 2014

My Evil Nemesis

While on surveillance in my yard today, I came across something that caused me to sit down and ponder my options.

Keeping an eye on evil nemesis!

This fella thinks he is being clever, but I am finding him annoying!


Calling all pups!  If anyone wants to help me chase this critter just let me know!

This is a video of me inviting the critter to play.  Please let me know if it doesn't work!


Friday, 12 December 2014

Almost Got Him

It has continued being mild up here lately.  It is so mild in fact that my river is starting to melt!
South Saskatchewan River, December 12, 2014
Last year on this date the ice road opened up and people could drive across the frozen river.  That isn't gonna happen this year.  It will be cooler next week, but not cool enough to freeze the river to the thickness we need.  Come on -30 C weather, BOL!

Mom and I had a most enjoyable walk this morning.  It is awesome to get covered in mud in December no less!

On returning to our yard, I quickly disappeared.  Mom had no idea where I was and was calling me and then she heard a weird noise.  Just then she saw a red squirrel come racing up beside the house and it quickly found refuge in the undercarriage of her truck.  I was in hot pursuit, and circled the truck trying to convince the critter to come out and play, BOL. 

Mom banged on the truck and the critter jumped down and went racing around the garage with me in hot pursuit. 

I came ever so close to catching that mischievous critter.  The day is still young, so I might still get him.

Anywoodle, we had a most enjoyable walk in the mild weather today, but personally, I cannot wait for it to get much colder!

Wish me luck in tracking down that squirrel!!!  Later everyone!

Enjoying the mild temperatures today!

Monday, 1 December 2014

At Least It Is a Dry Cold

It has been cold here of late.  With the windchill it was -42 C on the weekend.  How cold is that?  Well, your freezer is probably set warmer, BOL!

It is so cold that this morning when mom and I were outside to see dad off to work, I ran back to the door and wanted inside.  Why should I freeze outside?  I let mom see dad off to work without me!

The cold means one thing is for sure.  My river will soon be frozen solid and people can start crossing the ice road.
My river (Picture taken December 1, 2014)
Yeah, so you can see a bit of open water still in the river, but it is gonna be frozen in no time.

Dashing through the snow
I did have a bit of fun outside this morning.  While mom shovelled a bit of snow, I did some dashing in the snow.  I wouldn't let her put my winter jacket on me this morning, and I do not like those booties, so they are not on either!

I must have been a very good boy, because this arrived for me last week.
My mystery box
Mom is storing this box in the garage for now.  She tried to get a picture of me beside it, but for some reason I have never liked going in the garage, so no picture of me beside this box.  I know what you are thinking, gee Buddy what are you gonna do with that?  Pups, the box is full of deer bones, courtesy of a hunter friend of the peeps.  Mom is rationing the deer bones right now, but they sure are tasty!

Well stay warm pals and to all my pals in the U S of A, I hope you had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving last week.