Sunday, 23 November 2014

We Got Snow

Oh, I am such a happy boy because we got snow!  This time I am sure it is gonna stay!  No warming up and melting this time around, I have several months of fun in the snow.

It has been progressively getting cooler here.  You know it is gonna get much cooler when we see this:
Sun dogs!
That ring around the sun is called sun dogs.  Now sun dogs form when there are ice crystals in the atmosphere and the sun reflects off them.  Kinda cool, but it also means it is gonna get cold!

The same day mom took that picture my river started to look like this:
The South Saskatchewan River
There is still open water on the river, but the ice chunks are so big now that the ferries have stopped crossing.  Now we must wait until it is frozen solid and then people go across on the ice road.  Mom has never gotten up enough nerve to take the ice road and prefers to drive all the way around, BOL.  One of these days she might get brave enough to try crossing the river in winter.

Just a couple days ago we were out walking when mom and I saw this:
Blue floating thing
We have absolutely no idea what this is, but it was floating down the river!

Today I woke up to this:
Oh happy day!
The weather was really bad yesterday and I guess the roads were bad and very icy.  The peeps and I stayed home and watched it snow and blow.  I was so happy to see this this morning!
I only wish my peeps enjoyed the snow as much as me!  Mom says soon we will be going for snowshoe walks again.  Mom thinks we need a bit more snow before she brings out the snowshoes, but I am ready whenever she is!
Guess the critter!
Of course the snow makes hunting for critters much easier because you can see their tracks much better.
More critter tracks!
It is also much easier to see where they might be hiding.  You can clearly see where these guys are hiding!
On patrol!

I am happiest when I have snow on my nose!


  1. What a beautiful picture with those sun dogs!
    Growlmy said it looked like a Christmas star!

    Were those squirrel tracks and bunny wait, porcupine!

    All of our snow has melted into nothing, its 11C and raining.

    Enjoy your snow, you certainly are in your element:)

    ( I don't think growlmy would try to use the ice road either...)

    1. Bunny tracks and field mouse tracks. Porcupines have really cute paw prints! Staying cold here and we got more snow today. Yeah, I don't think mom will ever use the ice road. She says every year she will and then she never does.

  2. Fun times fur Buddy!
    Stay warm. Is it time fur yu lil booties an cozy coat?

    1. Not cold enough for the coat yet, but I think the booties will be coming out soon!

  3. Pawsum pichurs, Buddy! I r gwad sumpup habs snowz. Ours r melted an' now it r wainin'. Whut a swoppy mess it r out dere!

    1. I just helped mom shovel our driveway! Now it is snowing again, BOL!

  4. Crikey Buddy ..... I'm glad you've got snow too. I LOVE your winter pictures. AND that river. OMD so beautiful!!! So are you Buddy ...... especially with snow on your nose, aye??

    1. Yep, Charlie, I just love the snow! There will certainly be more snow pictures soon!

  5. WOOHOOOOOOO! SNOW!!!!! So happy!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!