Thursday, 6 November 2014

Reflections of my Summer and early Fall

You see pups, I told mom she had to hurry up and get some pictures on my blog because we were gonna have snow soon.  Yesterday we woke up to this.
Yeah snow!
Unfortunately the snow did not last very long and by noon it was almost all gone.

We did have a lovely summer on the prairies and you know summer is coming to an end when you start seeing hay bales.
Hay bales
Now you wanna be careful when you are baling, because your baler might just over heat and cause problems.

Bale on fire
One of our neighbors had his baler over heat and it caused the bale to catch fire.  Luckily the fire department came out quickly.  Mom and I were walking down our country road when the emergency crews went racing by us.  The fire was very close to our place, but luckily it was contained quickly.
After math of the fire
The fire went right over the river bank and even the fire truck went over the river bank to put it out.  The crew was here for several hours and it still smells bad in this area.
Another fire picture
 One thing about our late summer and early fall is that we get spectacular sunsets.
Mid summer sunset
 Yea, it looks real nice when the sun reflects off the river.

Late summer sunset
As the summer fades, we start getting more colors in the sunset.
Early fall sunset
Yup, the sunsets start to be very beautiful in fall!

Now fall also means it is my  momma's birthday.  This last weekend was her birthday and she is really old!  Now what do you get your really old momma for her birthday!
Porcupine quill!
Now I thought this porcupine quill that I had in my nose was the perfect birthday gift.  She was not so appreciative!  Can you believe it?  But she started giving me a good petting and then she found.
More quills!
Luckily I stopped at three quills.  She really didn't seem that happy about them!  Go figure!

Now you know it is fall when the birds start migrating.
Quick!  Count the geese!
We have been having flocks and flocks of geese flying over the house and these guys were really being noisy yesterday.

Mom is slowly catching up on getting the garden produce looked after, and today she made some kinda beet and cabbage relish.  Supposedly it tastes good.  I will probably never get a taste of it.

Mom and I did take a  nice walk in the snow yesterday.
Our pawprints in the snow
I am certainly hoping that we get more snow soon.  Mom would prefer to wait a little longer, but I say bring it on.

On patrol yesterday


  1. Snow!!! You got snow already ? Wow!
    And porcupine quills, I've never seen porcupine quills !!! How could Momma not be thrilled you'd got her 3!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Hello Princess Leah! Might you are a cutey! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yeah, our snow is all gone and I can't wait to get more, BOL! I know right! She should have been thrilled with the porcupine quills, but she wasn't!

  2. Porcupine quills? I just bring my momma leaves in my fur, she ain't too excited by em.

    1. I bring in leaves too, Whitley! Mom isn't thrilled with those either. She is hard to please.

  3. Yu gots sum purdy piccies there Buddy. But let's not do no more porky pine quills, k?
    At least it wuz only 1 bale of hay. Sumtimes round here, a whole big ol' stack will catch fire. Talk bout muney goin up in smoke.

    Stay warm. Got yur booties ready to go?

  4. Thanks, Zoe! I guess it was two bales altogether that burned, but the grass fire resulting from that was kinda scary. No, I have not had my booties back on yet. Shhh! Don't give mom ideas!

  5. You had snow already??
    Shhhhh!!! Don't tell my huskies!!! And stay outta those quills you silly pup!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Yup, and we got more snow recently. It is really cooling off and even the ferry has stopped running due to the large ice chunks on the river. Winter is here and I am thrilled by it!

  6. We habbed a dustin' ob snowz wast Saturday! Bud it did not wast tu wong. Nod 'nuff fur snowpwowin' iber. Soon, I hope! Dadda bedder ged da snow tires on my es-yu-bee weal soon an' nexx weekend r da Santa Paws pawade heer in my city!! Momma sez it r tu earwy fur dat, doe. I agwee.

    Habby Bewated Birfday tu yur Mom, Buddy! Did da firetwuck hafta come an' helb wif da candles on hur cake???

    1. Did daddy get the snow tires on your es-yu-bee yet, Zaidie? We have gotten more snow, but not enough yet for mom to have to shovel. Mom did not want a birthday cake this year because she was afraid the firetruck would have to come back, BOL! She decided on a big bowl of buttered popcorn instead!

  7. I hope you stay away from those pointy-stabby things, Buddy. Yikes!
    Just be a regular pup and bring in mud...BOL!

    That grass fire looked scary.
    Fire can travel fast, we lost 12 trees once and almost our shed in the back yard when the neighbor's shed burned down. It was so hot it melted 10 sections of our chain link fence...that was almost brand new. OMD!

    1. The grass fire was scary, but luckily it was contained quickly. Oh, I like to play in mud, Freckles, but sometimes my nosing around gets me in trouble, BOL.

    2. Well Freckles, I was sniffing around that old building and next thing I know, I have a quill in the end of nose. Its all good now!

  8. Snow! Snowsnowsnowsnowsnow! I'm waiting and wishing for SNOW! My dogs absolutely love it! Yours is lovely. :)

    1. We got more snow, but I still want more! I love the cold and snow, but my typist, not so much!

  9. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing. Those porcupine quills are pretty scary...glad your mom found them all.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, those quills hurt, but mom got them out quickly so it was all good!