Thursday, 30 October 2014

Reflections of my Summer

Well my typist is really bad of late in sitting down and updating my blog.  She has been being creative with pumpkins and zucchinis and beets and various other garden produce.  Have I gotten a taste of anything?  No!!!

So I said to the typist that she should post some of my summer pictures before too long, because, you know, we have already had a few skiffs of snow and soon there will be lots of snow pictures.  I am now sitting on top of her making her update my blog.

 Anyone know what these are?
 That right there is gooseberries.  Make very tasty pies.  I wouldn't know.  I didn't get a piece of any gooseberry pie!

Another sure sign of summer!
I tried eating one of those things this summer and I don't advise it!

The peeps crabapple tree has never produced really well, but this year mom got a gallon bucket of crabapples.  Apparently they are very tasty!  I didn't get to sample any!

Goat's Beard
Mom tried for days to get a good picture of a Goat's Beard.  She liked this one so much that she sent it to the television station and they used it on the evening news!

Gratuitous picture of me!
Mom says this picture of me reminds her of the tv show "The Littlest Hobo"!  I think the theme music to that show is pretty good!

The face only a mother could love!
That right there is a cutworm and him and his friends were doing nasty things to mom's garden produce.  I don't recommend trying to eat them.  They are NOT tasty!


The cranberry tree did all right this summer.  Mom was away looking after grammy when they were ripe enough to pick.  I have been sampling them every once in a while.  They are ok, but not my favorite fruit in the yard.

Goat's beard blowing in the wind
Mom tried to get a picture of the Goat's beard blowing in the wind and this is the best she could get.  I told her to let me sneeze on it, but she wouldn't let me.

Mom and I were out on a nice walk before she went back to be with grammy in this picture.  It was a totally pawsome day and I was very happy!

Mom picked the grapes after they were ripe and froze them.  She will juice them and then make jelly out of them.  They turned a beautiful purple color, but sorry, no picture of what they looked like when they were ripe!


Mom got a lot of pumpkins and some are still ripening.  So far she has made pumpkin and potato soup and pumpkin loaves with them.  She is gonna make me a batch of doggie cookies soon with some of the pumpkin.   Or so she says!  Can't wait mom!

Say hello to my little friend!
He didn't say much and kept sticking his tongue out at me and then he slithered back down his hole!

Russian Sage
One of mom's favorite plants in the flower garden.  It really did well this year and she just loves the purple color!

Goodies from the garden

I hope mom has not bored you pups with this trip through our yard this summer. 

Now I think I must go supervise her while she does something creative with some more of this garden produce. 

Take care all!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Grammy has been moved into a Long Term Care Facility

Well pups, on October 1, my grammy was moved into a Long Term Care Facility.  She does seem to be adjusting to her new surroundings.  We simply cannot imagine what it must feel like for her to have to be uprooted so suddenly from what she knew before she became so very ill on August 31 of this year.  As there was no room available in the Long Term Care Facility in the city where grammy lived, she was given the first available bed that opened up in the health district.  Grammy is now on a waiting list to be moved back to her home city once a bed frees up. This might be a while as the only way a bed frees up in a Long Term Care Facility, is that someone departs if you catch my drift.  It is the sad reality.

In my last post I advised that grammy was diagnosed with Vascular Cognitive Impairment or Vascular Dementia.  This came on so suddenly that it was like flipping a switch for grammy.  The change seemed to occur overnight.  Mom had heard about rapid onset dementia, but had never known anyone with it.  It is devastating pups.  It is mom and her family that must now accept the new reality for grammy. As one nurse said, "she is sweetly confused". 

If you pups know of anyone that has dealt with rapid onset dementia, please have them send mom an e-mail.  Apparently this can be done from my blog, as we have received e-mails this way in the past from some readers, but mom simply has no idea how you do that, BOL.  She isn't real tech savvy, that momma of mine.

Mom must reiterate how important a Power of Attorney is when something happens this quickly.  Everything from disconnecting the phone, to handling financial affairs is made so much easier if this document is on file, and believe me pups, mom says you will be asked for it if you are looking after someone's affairs should they fall sick. 

A Medical Directive is also important.  Let's say your peeps don't want heroic measures taken should they suffer a sudden medical problem.  This needs to be known ahead of time and their wishes respected.  Not everyone wants someone pounding on their chest or sticking a breathing tube down their throat.  Let's face it pups, when CPR is performed it is not like on tv where the next scene has the patient wearing silk pyjamas and sipping champagne and all happy.  No, there will probably be some medical difficulties associated with their resuscitation.

Mom is still writing letters and sending out copies of the Power of Attorney and letting people know to contact her now that grammy is in the Long Term Care Facility.  It is tough pups, but it must be done.

Mom will update my blog with happier entries soon.  She has so many pictures of my summer and now fall that she simply must get them on here.  Please be patient with her and thanks so much for being such pawsome pals.

We love you all.