Monday, 22 September 2014

Things can change so quickly

Well pups, I haven't been here for a while because mom has been very busy.  You see my grammy became very ill on August 31 and was rushed to the hospital, so my momma went to be with her mom.  After many tests it was determined that grammy could no longer be on her own and needs to be placed in a long term care facility.  Mom and her brother have started the arduous task of cleaning out her apartment and mom will be back this weekend to continue with the cleaning out. Grammy is still in hospital and we hope she will be placed soon into a long term care facility.

This really has been a shock for everyone.  The peeps and I went to visit grammy on August 23rd and we celebrated her 89th birthday.  Little did we know that on August 30-31, things would change so much for us and grammy.

Grammy has been diagnosed with Vascular Cognitive Impairment.  I will let you Google that to find out what it is and how rapid its onset can be.

Mom and her brother have been busy getting lots of things in order to look after grammy.  Pups, do your peeps have a Power of Attorney or a Medical Directive stating their wishes should a sudden occurrence like this happen to them?  Believe me, mom says it is easy to have these in place than having to have the family get them after the fact.  Have your peeps stopped today to tell each other and you how much they love you?  Please tell them to do that.  As we have found out, things can change in the blink of an eye, and you may not get the opportunity.

Grammy and me, Christmas 2013

Once things settle down for mom, we will be back to try and catch up on everyone's blogs.

We love you all and thanks for being our pals.

Take care everyone.