Wednesday, 27 August 2014

It Happened Again!

I just gotta say you pups are pawsome and even when we haven't been on here, because the momma is doing other things she thinks are important, we get awards.

My pal Freckles has given me an award.  Freckles, thanks for saying there is no deadline and we will get to it.  Honest!

Now I see that Charlie Downunder has given me an award.  Oy vey!

Well one of the rules is you are supposed to post your favorite song. 

BOL, enjoy!

We promise to get to the awards and update what I have been up soon.

You are the bestest pals ever!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Winter is Coming

Well apparently winter is coming to our part of the world and mom is getting prepared.  Even though she hopes we don't get snow until mid-November, she is starting to get things organized.  Like today, she thought it would be a good idea if she tried my Muttluks on me.  She only put them on my front paws and I kinda got used them.  Ok, try not to laugh when you see the video she made of me!


Now she wants to try them on my back paws, and then we will work up to having them all on at the same time.  Oh, this is so embarrassing!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

I Survived!

Well pups, somehow I managed to survive my incarceration at the pet resort.  Apparently I had a good time and was playing lots with the owner's dog.  She is a lovely girl named Emily.  I got back home on Monday afternoon and basically slept all the rest of Monday and most of Tuesday.   My stomach has been a little upset, and mom says it sounds like aliens are in there.  I think the peeps are waiting for something to bust out of stomach or possibly even my back end, BOL!  Mom is making me some rice and she tossed a can of chicken soup into the rice and she will also scramble an egg for me to have.  Hopefully the aliens leave soon.

The peeps had a good time at the wedding and they say the food was the best they have ever had!

At the reception the hors d'oeuvres were scallops in some sort of marinade.  Mom did not have these as she is allergic to scallops and no one wanted to have to use her Epi-Pen on her.  The other appetizers were seared steak with foie gras on top and a souffle served in an empty egg shell and the souffle had a sprinkling of caviar on top.  Those were very tasty!

I would just like to point out that I got nothing in a doggie bag from these hors d'oeuvres!

Then for the meal.  The first course looked like this.
So that right there would be Buffalo mozzarella, with roasted grape tomatoes, pea shoot insalate and Italian herb vinagrette.  Doesn't that mozza look pawsome?  I love mozza!  Did I get a taste?  NO!

Then came the next course and it looked like this.
There you have braised beef short rib ravioli, Amarone reduction, and shaved parmeggiano-reggiano!  I love beef short ribs and the cheese sounded wonderful.  Did I get a taste?  NOO!!

For the entree you could have chosen between beef, chicken or fish.  Mom choose the chicken and it looked something like this.
Yeah, free range chicken breast Beurre a l'Anglaise with toasty spicy hazelnuts.  Very, very tasty according to mom.  I know, what you are thinking pups!  Did I get a taste?  NOOO!!!

Then came dessert, mom said it was the most complex dessert she has ever tasted!  She thinks it was served in a rose bowl, BOL!  So now you pups know what to do with your old rose bowls!  Serve dessert in them.
Chocolate Blush Verrine, Chocolate hazelnut mousse, vanilla sponge cake, cherries, mascarpone creme with white chocolate glaze.  It's like there's a party in your mouth and everyone is invited!

Well, at least the peeps ate well!  I had dry kibble at the pet resort.  Mom supplied the dry kibble.  It is my usual boring kibble.  I did get a treat at the pet resort.  Apparently I got a bully stick and I liked it.  Sigh!  Don't you think the peeps could have brought me back a doggie bag or at the very least a soiled napkin with all those delicious smells on it? 

Well, mom says I have to try and eat my rice and scrambled egg now.  She is hoping that will settle my tum and make those aliens go away.  Later pups!

Me digging a big hole in the back yard and getting very muddy!  How can you have a blog entry without a picture of yours truly!?