Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I think I won another Liebster Award

Pals, I think I have won another Liebster Award.  My pal Finley of Finley's Fables left a message in the comments of my last blog that said I won!  Yippee!!  When I go to Finley's page though, I don't see my name at the bottom.  That is ok though.  I see that Finley was nominated by Whitley of Whitley Westie so ya know what?  I am going answer Whitley's questions to Finley and Finley's questions to me!  Oh, this could be fun!

Liebster Award from Finley via Whitley!
Here are the rules:
1. Thank the pup that nominated you and link back to their blog.  
Thank you Finley and Whitley and the links to their blogs are above.

2. Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger that  nominated you.
I will get to that.

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the  award.
We will skip this part because we don't follow that many blogs yet and mom has been busy in the yard and not reading that many blogs at the present.  We do love all of the pals whose blogs we do read.

4. Create 10 question for your nominees to answer.
Well I am not nominating anyone, but I think I will try and think up some questions and if you want to answer them on your page please do!

So here are Finley's 10 Questions to me:
1. Do fireworks scare ya? No, fireworks don't scare me, but we live in the country and I have not been exposed to many fire works.

2. Do ya eat citrus? I do like the occasional piece of orange!

3. How far have ya travelled from home?  The furthest I have travelled is about 780 km from my home when we went visiting family. 

4. Do you like water? I love water!  Water is so much fun!  What is there to not love about water?

5. Do ya gets to sleep in da big bed with yer folks? No, I prefer to sleep on the floor.  I especially like to sleep beside the dryer in the mud room and if I lean on it just right and I can make it squeek like crazy.  This also drives the peeps crazy, BOL!

6. Do ya have a favorite person? I love everyone, but I think momma is my favorite!

7. Do ya like cats? (if ya is a pup)  & do ya like dogs?? (if ya is a cat) I do like cats, they don't seem to like me!

8. Do you like to wear clothes? The only clothes I have to wear is a snowsuit for winter.  I hate it!

9. Do ya sleep belly up? Belly up, belly down, on my side.  I sleep whatever way I want to!

10. Do ya like car rides?? I love car rides!  I do  not like being seatbelted in, though!

Now to answer Whitley's Question!
1.  Do your momma or daddy sing to you?  Mom sings something that starts "Buddy Wuddy Nuddy", jeepers don't get me started on her lame song.  I just shudder when she starts singing!
2.  Are you preparin for da zombie apocalypse?? Yes and we are ready for it!  Mom plays a lot of "Plants Vs. Zombies" and she just got her "Golden  Sunflower Award"!  That means she has survived 20 rounds of zombie attacks!  I am following the momma if we ever get attack by those zombies!

3.  Has ya ever killed a varmint?  Yes, I have!  I am an awesome hunter!  I caught a couple ground squirrels just the other day!  Tasty critters!

4.  What are your favorite game to play? I like to chase critters!  Oh, and I will play fetch.  Mom throws something, I run to get it and then I don't give it back! 

5.  What are your opinion on baffs? Why do we need baths?  What is wrong with the essence we have after we have rolled in some decaying creature!  I am proud of my stank after I have rolled in something disgusting!

 6.  Does ya have a special talent or trick? I can sniff out ticks!  I know when one is on me and I start chewing the spot where it is and there is always a tick.  Mom wonders if I could sniff out bed bugs, but she doesn't want to find any bed bugs for me try on!

7.  Do ya ever just bark and da peeps ain't got a clue why? Absolutely!  Confusing the peeps by barking at nothing is awesome and so much fun.

8.  Who are your bestest friend? Momma is my bestest friend and daddy, too!

9.  Do ya give kissies? I lubs to give kisses to everyone!  I am one big affectionate pup!

10.  What do your home smell like? Right now it smells like mud and wet dog because I was digging outside and then I decided to lounge in my pool.  Ain't wet dog smell the best?

Those are my answers to the questions and what pawsome questions they were!

So here are my 10 questions should anyone want to play!

1. Do you have any fursiblings and do you get along with them.
2. Do you get human food or doggie kibble.
3. Do you like fruit of any kind.
4. Do you like vegetables.
5. Are you subjected to toe nail clipping and brushing and other forms of torture.
6. Do you have a superhero costume that you like to wear.
7. Have you ever knocked over the Christmas tree or unwrapped something under it.
8. Do you like ice cream and how often do you get it.
9. Does you have to wear shoes of any kind.
10. Do  you drool a lot.

Thanks Finley and Whitley, this was a lot of fun!


  1. Hey Buddy! We need a recordin of yur Mom singin yur lil song! Bol!
    Good job on knowin where those durn ticks are! But yeah, it's best not to be able to "test" with bedbugs. Hmm, howz bout termites? Probly not those either.

  2. It goes, "Buddy Wuddy Nuddy, Buddy Wuddy Nuddy, Bud Wud, baby Buddy Wuddy, you are my baby boy!" Please pass the Tylenol!

    Oh, termites sound like fun. I just bet I could sniff those out. Mom says no however. I don't know why!

    1. Secretly record her singin an post it to yutube!

    2. Zoe, she also has another song she sings to me. I will NOT put the words here! Mommas can be so embarrassing!

  3. Wow, dat are impressive bout sniffin out da ticks. Luved readin more bout ya!

    1. Yup, ticks, flies, spiders, mom does wonder how I would be sniffing bed bugs and such.

  4. Woohooo! Congrats on your award!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  5. Growlmy spat out her coffee, well, almost when she read that song...my auntie was there too and she said 'who cackled?', BOL!
    Loved reading all those answers, Buddy!
    You have some good ones too.

    Growlmy is in the great white north now, visiting furmily, whilst I am at home still, with pawppy...so how come she gets to red the blogs and answer fur me if I am not there?? Hmmm.....


    1. Hope growlmy has a great visit here in the the Great White North!

    2. Well, she is back on the US side of the border, but still has a few more days of vacationing. Has to be back at her job on the 26th.
      She says she had a good time with her sister & her Pup, Murphy (A Cairn).