Monday, 23 June 2014

I thought I saw ....

So I was taking the momma for her morning walk yesterday morning.  It has been raining so much here lately, and we finally got out between rain showers.  As we are walking in the field near our place I suddenly lurched forward.  Then I sat on mom's foot and let out a low growl.

Mom looked off into the distance to where I was growling and she saw a momma bear and two cubs also out for their morning walk.

We both stood perfectly still and watched them walk into a bunch of trees.  Then we slowly made our way home.

Mom says I was a good boy!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hey pups!  I finally convinced my typist to take a break from gardening and post some of the pawsome pictures of the birds she has taken lately.

We have been having some weird weather.  For a few nights the temperature was getting down to 1 C and then warming up to 20 C during the day.  Luckily nothing froze in the garden with the temperature getting that low during the night.

So before I let mom get back out in her garden, I insist on going for a walk.  She has been taking her camera along just in case a photo opportunity turns up.

Sometimes you don't have to leave the house, though, in order to find a good photo op!
Cooper's Hawk
Mom looked out the kitchen window one evening and there was this Cooper's Hawk just hanging out near the bird feeder.  A Cooper's Hawk is one of the smaller hawks around here.  We are used to seeing the much bigger hawks, and don't see this one all that much.

The next morning, mom is making coffee and see looks out the kitchen window and sees this fella watching her.
It is always a pleasure to see the Robin's around.  We think there is a nest close by, but so far have not found it. 

Yesterday morning we went on a very nice long walk.  Mom was determined to try and get a picture of the eagle sitting on its nest.
The Eagle sitting on its nest!
We are still not seeing any babies in the nest, but we couldn't get real close as this eagle's mate started dive bombing us and we thought we should retreat.
This Eagle kept an Eagle eye on us!
Well, I must go get ready for my morning walk and then it is another day out in the flowerbeds weeding and stuff.

Have a great day pups!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well it is June and mom is busy trying to plant the garden.  That is nearly done, she just wants some more tomato plants and she is trying to clean the many flower beds.   This is slow going as sometimes the weather does not cooperate with her.

I think she should just take it easy and stop and smell some flowers.
Close enough to a flower for me!

Mom likes trying different things in her garden and this year she is trying to grow okra, celery and tomatillos.
Oh look, the tomatillo has blooms!
Mom was real excited to see the blooms.  I just yawned and thought, whatever.

When she isn't in the garden or the flowerbed we have been going for some nice walks.  The other day I took myself on a walk over to the neighbor's orchard and when I came back I had 5 porcupine quills in my nose.  Luckily mom is handy with the plier, and she pulled them right out.  They weren't in very deep so that was good.

Red Winged Black Bird
We have been seeing lots of these Red Winged Black birds on our walks and we really like listening to them.  They have a very nice song that they sing.
The eagles have been letting us get a little closer to them.

This one didn't even move when we approached!
Mom is hoping to maybe get a picture of the baby eagles some day, but for now we are just trying to get the eagles used to us.

I, of course, am always on the look out for critters and even on my walks I always find something to go after.
You can tell it is spring because my tail is in full bloom, BOL!
When the peeps aren't out working in the yard they are always trying different recipes.  This last weekend they made chorizo sausage and apparently it was quite good.  Of course, I did not get to sample it.
There was this many peppers in the sausage!
Well pups, since summer mean lots of outside time for the typist, I may not be around much, but will pop in when I can.  I hope that all of you are keeping well and wish everyone a safe and happy summer!