Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The warmer weather is finally here

Yeah for me as the warmer weather is finally here.  I don't know why I just said "yeah" because I don't like warm weather, it's the momma that likes the warm weather cause then she can plant the garden and stuff like that.

Of course the warmer weather means ticks:
Picture taken May 14, 2014
Yeah, every year mom starts collecting some ticks in a jar filled with alcohol.  She hopes it is painful for them to be swimming in alcohol.  Some ticks mom incinerates on the burner of the gas stove and some she flushes down the toilet.  Oh my goodness are the ticks bad this year!  On Saturday I was chewing my paws and the peeps kept looking at my feet and legs and could not find anything.  I kept on chewing and them mom felt between my toes!  OMD!  Between each toe on all my feet I had several ticks!  All mom could say was that it was very disturbing.  Disturbing  because I am being treated with Advantix but I think we just have too many ticks for it to be effective.
Same tick jar last night.

Because of all the ticks mom is trying to find inventive ways to keep me out of them when we go for our walks.  One thing she thought of was this:
Me styling with my knapsack on!
So mom puts some water bottles in the knapsack, she likes to make me work BOL, and then we head off for the walk.  It works because I am usually quite tired after our morning walks when I have that thing on.  By the way, I hate that thing!!!

I much prefer to be able to run free
On patrol in the neighbor's orchard
It is hard to be on patrol when one is wearing a big, clunky knapsack.  Mom says I do look good in it, but I certainly hope none of my pals see me wearing it!

We still see lots of interesting things on our walks:
That is one big moose!
Now how can something that leaves a print that big be so hard to find?  Mom has only seen the moose in our area a couple times, but we often see its prints.

Of course spring means the neighbor's are gonna start working in the fields.
I like watching the neighbor's work, BOL!

We have been seeing lots of birds at the feeder.
Cute but messy eaters!
Sometimes our bird feeder attracts other things than birds.
Deer taking turns at the bird feeder
In case you are wondering, the wire around the fruit trees is to protect the trees from the deer eating them.  We have just not been able to get any trees started because they are ever so tasty to the deer and the rabbits.  Wrapping stucco wire around them until they can get established does seem to be working.
So cute yet so destructive!
Another sign of spring, that mom doesn't really like is this.
Burning stubble.
Some farmers like to burn off the stubble in the field from the year before.  Its eerie to look out your window at  night and see this.

Well pups, hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Stinkin' Good Dog Treats

It has been a sad week with the passing of my dear pals, Coco Rose and Charlie.  If Dogster was working, I could put a picture of them here, but as it is not, I am hoping most of my pals here know who I am talking about.

Now I know Coco Rose was a cookie monster!  She never met a cookie she didn't like.  I am sure that Charlie also liked cookies.

So my typist decided she should make some doggie cookies in honor of my pals.  Actually, daddy found this recipe a while ago, but the typist finally tried it today. 

Anywhoodle, I am gonna sit back while you watch this video:
Stinkin' Dog Treats.

Pawsome video don't you think!  So the typist got to work prepping the sweet potato and making the oat flour.  Then she combined the sardines and the peanut butter and got a really smelly dough.
Even uncooked this smelled bad!
The typist then cut out the cookies
I wish the typist had used the cat cookie cutter, BOL!
Then the typist put them in the oven.  As they were baking the smell of the sardines permeated the house.  When something smells like that, you just know they are gonna be tasty!  After the 40 minutes of baking, the typist put lots of fish sauce on them and then placed them back in the turned off oven to harden up.
Inspecting the cookies when they came out of the oven
Boy, did they smell great, but I had to wait for them to cool before I could sample one.

Here is the written recipe that you pups can print out and present to your peeps so that you can also try these pawsome cookies.  Stinkin Dog Treat Recipe

After they were cooled I finally got to sample one those cookies.
These are awesome cookies!
Pups I am insisting that all of my pals get their peeps to make these cookies as they are wonderful. 

I think I will eat another cookie in honor of my dear pals, Coco Rose and Charlie.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

More Signs of Spring

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is?  BOL!

It is definitely looking more and more spring like here in the Great White North.  The ground is still drying out and sometimes we find the neatest tracks in the garden and the fields.  The other day mom came across this one:
That would be a deer that was walking in the neighbor's orchard
While I was sniffing around the deer tracks, mom came across this track:
Pretty sure this is a moose track!
Guess what this track is? BOL!
Guess who stepped here!
We took a nice walk down to the river that day.
Still some ice down on the riverbank.
You might notice I was intently looking at something in the above picture.  This is what I was looking at:
Seagulls hanging out on a rock in the middle of the river.
The nerve of those guys  hanging out in the middle of the river and mom wouldn't let me go for a swim to catch them.  She said the river was flowing too fast.  Pffffffft, I'm sure they would be tasty.

Speaking of tasty:
Mallard Duck Eggs
Those are some kinda tasty!  I must report that the one time mom didn't keep a close eye on me when we were outside, I ate three of these eggs.  Mom was not happy.  It appears now that the nest was abandoned by the momma duck.  We hope she has found a better place to put  her next nest.
Sunday morning visitor.
This Canada Goose decided to pay a visit to our front yard on Sunday.  We have been seeing flocks and flocks of these guys returning.

Yesterday morning mom and I went for a really long walk in the morning.  I thought it was great and was wondering why we were on such a long walk.  Turns out she was trying to tire me out as I had a vet appointment early yesterday afternoon.  I had a very good checkup and my heart, eyes and teeth are all very healthy and I tip the old Toledo at 77 pounds.  It took them a while to find my microchip.  It was implanted between my shoulder blades last year, but it has migrated to between my front legs.  Apparently this is more common than you might think!  Oh, and they also took my temperature.  Why in the world do you need your temperature taken at all when you are feeling well.  While the vet was violating me the technician was feeding me tasty treats.  They told me I was a very good boy!

Now back to the morning walk.  Mom looked out the window at breakfast and saw this:
The face only a mother could love!
 Yeah, them there turkey vultures are quite the site.  Then he started calling his mates.
Impressive wing span!
Eventually we had four turkey vultures in our yard.
Turkey vulture and his mate
Mom could only get a picture of two of them together.   She tried to get all four, but it just didn't turn out.

Then we set out for our walk.  First stop was the neighbor's field:
Neighbor's field
It doesn't look like much right now, but I know the farmer's are itching to get back out on the land and seed.  The ground is still quite cool, so it needs to warm up quite a bit before planting can take place.

We continued on our walk and then we came across a bunch of these:
Badger hole
That would be my tail in the picture.  We came across a part of the field that had five badger holes and I decided to stick my head in this one and bark!  Luckily no one was home and mom unceremoniously pulled me away from the hole, but not before taking a picture.

We continued on our walk and came across this cute little fella:
Isn't he cute?
That would be a Wesley Snipe that we found wading in some standing water in the field.  It was very interesting to watch him walking around and gathering bugs.
Another picture of the snipe
Then mom and I headed off toward where the eagle has its nest.  We were almost at the clump of trees where the eagle's nest is when a Canada Goose came charging at us.  Was she ever mad!  We backed off while she was hissing and charging at us and then mom saw why she was so angry with us.
Canada Goose nest
Now you would think with an angry goose close by, mom would have decided to leave quickly.  Nope she came for a picture of the eagle and she was determined to get that picture!
Eagle and its nest
Well that was my walk and I hope you all enjoyed it.  Can't wait to take pictures when it starts to green up around here.

Have a great day all!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Sunshine Award

My pal Finley recently gave me the Sunshine Award!  Thank you so much Finley for this honor!
My Sunshine Award from Finley!!
As with any award there are some rules, so here goes:
The Sunshine Award are given by bloggers to other bloggers that they admire.  The rules are as follows:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Thank you so much Finley!!
2. Name ten things about yourself that others might not know.
3. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers

Well, I already did number 1!  See  above.

Hmm, now 10 things you may not know about me.  Well mom had to think about this and as we have received this award before, there isn't much new to share about me or mom.  So mom has decided to share 10 things that you might not have known about my late fursis, Abby.  I am sure many of you knew I had a pawsome fursis that was very much a big part of mom and dad's lives for 11.5 years.  I wish I could have met her because I have some big paws to fill.

1.  Abby was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/German  Shepherd cross.  We know her mother was a purebread Chesapeake.  Before adopting Abby, the peeps remember reading that a Chessie was considered a large and solid dog with a stubborn personality.  Yes, she was stubborn, but that made her all the more endearing.

2. Abby was born in Gatineau, Quebec and was adopted in Ottawa, Ontario at the age of 8 weeks.  She lived with the peeps for two years in the Ottawa Valley before the peeps returned west to Saskatchewan.

3. Abby walked softly but loved to carry big sticks.
Abby and her stick!  She found this one floating in the river one day.
 4.  Abby was a fearless protector of her yard and tangled with porcupines, skunks and chased any stray dog, coyote, deer, whatever off of her property.
The aftermath of one porcupine encounter.  Ouch!
5. Abby ruptured her CCL in the fall of 2010 and needed surgery to correct it.  She made an awesome recovery and within a year was able to start running and having fun once again.
Abby with her nurse (aka mom) recovering from her CCL surgery.

6. As a young pup, Abby took part in agility, and while she never really excelled at it, both her and mom had a good time.  After moving to the prairies, her favorite thing was swimming in the river behind our house and retrieving sticks out of it.
Abby enjoying being in the river.
7. The above picture became somewhat famous.  When Abby became sick mom entered this picture in two separate calendar competitions.  One competition was with The Konan Koalition.  They are a pawsome organization that started out in Saskatoon in 2011 after Konan injured both his CCL's.  He needed surgery and his owner's did a fund raiser to raise the money for his surgery.  After Konan's recovery, his owners set up The Konan Koalition to help other dogs in need.  They have now expanded their reach and have helped dogs from Manitoba to British Columbia.  The Konan Koalition raises money through the sale of clothing to help fund these medical procedures for dogs in need.  Unfortunately, sometimes they don't have enough available funds for all the dogs needing help.  The Koalition attends trade shows all over the Prairie provinces and we encourage you, if you live in the area, to purchase some of their clothing to help dogs in need.
Abby's picture in the 2013 Konan Koalition Calendar.
All proceeds from the sale of that calendar went to help set up the clothing line that now funds those owners with pets in need.
Mom modelling her Konan Koalition hoodie.  Yes, I am indeed a 78 pound lap dog!
Mom then entered that picture of Abby in a calendar competition for The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs.  A friend of mom's encouraged her to enter that picture in the competition.  Mom honestly didn't think she would have her picture picked as one for the calendar, but that is exactly what happened.  The  Sanctuary for Senior dogs is out of Cincinnati, Ohio and they do awesome with seniors dogs in the Ohio area.  We encourage all our pals, that are 7 years or older, to submit a picture to this awesome group.  Abby's picture was the only entry from Canada picked for the 2013 calendar and we were shocked, but proud that she made the calendar.
Abby in the 2013 Sanctuary for Senior Dogs calendar
8. Abby was diagnosed with Mast Cell Carcinoma in June 2012 and went to the Bridge on August 5, 2012.  The Veterinary College in our area is currently doing some awesome research into canine cancer and mom is following this closely.  Hopefully we are one day closer to finding a cure or better treatment for this dread disease.

9. Abby gave the peeps 11.5 very happy years as a faithful and trustworthy companion.  She was my dad's first ever dog and she taught him the relationship a man can have with his dog.  I am trying my best to emulate her and mom says I am doing a great job.  I have already turned into a mighty hunter just like she was the mighty huntress.  If I know there is vermin outside, I am after it.  Thank you Abby for teaching me from the Bridge how to be such an awesome dog.
Abby, she was quite the photogenic pup!
10.  Abby you left a huge pawprint on the pawrents hearts and we are sure that you were looking down and sent me the most awesome pawrents I could have.

Now we come to rule #3 and I am to pass this on to 10 other bloggers.  Well, sometimes I am not obedient and I'm not gonna do that, BOL.  We have already passed on another award to our pals, and if someone reading this would like to share 10 things about themselves on their blog, please do so.

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share my pawsome Angel sis with you.

Abby - January 12, 2001 to August 5, 2012
We love you, we miss you, rest easy sweet girl.