Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Signs of Spring

Hey, everyone!  How is everyone doing?  My typist has been a little under the weather the last few days.  She either had the Ebola Virus or the Bubonic Plague, no matter, she does seem better this morning.  The last few days she has lived on apple sauce and yogurt and today she had a bagel for breakfast!  If that isn't progress, I don't know what is!

For a while we thought spring was never gonna come to The Great White North.  Yesterday morning we woke up to see this
April 29, 2014 Snow
It had also snowed on April 28, and mom was already feeling down because of her virus and the snow did not make matters better.
The last blast of winter.  Hopefully!! April 29, 2014
Me being part Husky, well I do love the snow but even a Husky can get a little down about it.
Seriously!  More snow!  April 29, 2014
Luckily that snow melted quickly and this morning we woke up to a nice sunny day!  We have not seen the sun in such a long time.  Mom got out her new rubber boots and we went for a nice walk this morning.
These boots were made for walking!
First we checked out the back yard.
No snow!!  April 30, 2014
Now we just have to get a few nice sunny days to dry things out and then mom can start working in the flower beds and garden.
South Saskatchewan River, April 30, 2014
The ice is off of my river, so hopefully that means the ferry will start operating soon.  We went down to the river this morning, but the banks still have a lot of snow and ice on them.  So much ice that mom was afraid to walk on the riverbank.  So we had to abort that walk and came back up and started walking in the fields.

A sure sign of spring!  The Pelicans are back!  April 30, 2014
 Today was the first day mom saw the pelicans back!  Mom enjoyed listening to all the birds that were talking today and I had fun sniffing around.
Sniffing some deer tracks here.  April 30, 2014
There is lots of mud and water and that makes for a very fun walk for me!
This old shed nearly lost all of its shingles this winter.  April 30, 2014
Believe or not, there is green in the grass and mom was quite excited by it.  Oh, and today is sunny!  Yeah!  Mom is so happy it is sunny, that she has to mention it more than once, BOL!
I really enjoyed my walk this morning.  April 30, 2014
I made a discovery yesterday when I was out walking and mom went to check on it this morning again.
Mallard Duck nest.  April 30, 2014
I really enjoyed sniffing that out.  Mom was not pleased with me when I sampled one of the eggs!  This duck made its nest in a very bad spot.  It is right beside our drive and easily accessible to not only me, but the coyotes and foxes that we have around here.  Mom checked on the nest this morning, and was surprised to see that the eggs were still in it, but they appeared to be better covered up today.  When mom said "leave it", I left it alone today!
A sign I had a good walk!  My tongue is hanging and I am thirsty!  April 30, 2014
Sure hope spring is coming to all of my pals out there.  Mom cannot wait for things to start greening up even more and then starting to plant the garden.  She keeps checking the rhubarb and the asparagus to see if they are starting to come back and today she thinks she saw growth on the rhubarb.

Thanks for coming along on my walk and have a great day everyone!


  1. Yu have the bestest walks! We LOL'd at yur snow head piccie! Yu clown!
    It's a wunner that ol' shed is still standin! One of these times it'll tumble right down, huh?
    Whut do yu mean, yu sampled a egg? Did yu eat it?! That is naughty!
    Mommy sez "cute boots".

  2. Um, yes, Zoe, I did eat it. Now mom is trying to keep me away from the nest. Momma could not resist those boots when she them! Glad your momma likes them!

    1. An we furgot to mention we hope yur Mom gets ofur that e boll evil junk or that plack stuff too.

    2. Thanks Zoe. Mom and I had a nice nap this afternoon and she does feel much better. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel even better than she does today.

  3. Wow! Snow that wonder you were bummed.

    Naughty you, munching on eggs. Hope that when the wee ones hatch, you will not pester them too much.

    Love those boots...galoshes? BOL!
    Green things showing is always a good sign of a new season starting up again. Our cherry tree is showing a bit of colour where the buds will be, but its still a long way off from blooming.

    We have our may apples coming up. a lot of them. No pictures of them as yet.

    Enjoy your day! Stay out of trouble, BOL!

    1. And Growlmy & I hope your Momma feels 100% really soon.

    2. Yeah, snow this late and the highways were a mess yesterday. Today is much better.

      Yes, I know it was naughty to munch on those eggs, but the duck put her nest in a very bad spot!

      Mom got those boots on sale at Canadian Tire and she paid for them with Canadian Tire money! BOL! How Canadian is that!?

      Thanks for the wishes, mom is feeling better!

  4. Hope your momma are feelin all better!

    Spring are here for sure, even if today are a bit cold (da high are in da 60s which I know would be warm for you but are kinda cold for me.) Dis weekend it are sposed to be in da 90s!

    1. Thanks, mom is feeling better!

      Wow, highs in the 90's! We won't be getting that for a while yet, but it does finally look like spring is on the way.

  5. Thanks fur showing us your walk, Buddy! Glad your Momma is better. Glad Spring has finally sprung.
    I's given ya da Sunshine Award-- given to someone we admire... read about it on my blog!

    1. Thanks Finley! Mom has finally written up my Sunshine award! Thanks so much for nomination.

  6. OMD!!!!! We want your snow!!!! haha!!! My huskies would have me live wherever there was snow all year long if it were up to them i'm sure of it!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. The snow is all gone now, but it sure was fun for me. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. BOL 'bout yur Momma an' hur Canadian Tire bootses! Dadda usta sabe hims CT cash, bud now we gib it tu da Humane Society cuz dem cowwect it an' use it tu buy suppwies! Kewl, huh?
    I r so gwad yu Momma wecubered fwum hur Ebowa/pwague-fing an' dat yur snows r goned, eben doe yu wuff snowz, Buddy. We need our Mommas tu be habby an' snowz in Spwing duz nod helb wif dat!

    1. Zaidie, that is an awesome idea with the Canadian Tire money. Canadian Tire doesn't do that in our city, but we sure think that would be a great idea if they did. Thanks for stopping by!