Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Signs of Spring

Hey, everyone!  How is everyone doing?  My typist has been a little under the weather the last few days.  She either had the Ebola Virus or the Bubonic Plague, no matter, she does seem better this morning.  The last few days she has lived on apple sauce and yogurt and today she had a bagel for breakfast!  If that isn't progress, I don't know what is!

For a while we thought spring was never gonna come to The Great White North.  Yesterday morning we woke up to see this
April 29, 2014 Snow
It had also snowed on April 28, and mom was already feeling down because of her virus and the snow did not make matters better.
The last blast of winter.  Hopefully!! April 29, 2014
Me being part Husky, well I do love the snow but even a Husky can get a little down about it.
Seriously!  More snow!  April 29, 2014
Luckily that snow melted quickly and this morning we woke up to a nice sunny day!  We have not seen the sun in such a long time.  Mom got out her new rubber boots and we went for a nice walk this morning.
These boots were made for walking!
First we checked out the back yard.
No snow!!  April 30, 2014
Now we just have to get a few nice sunny days to dry things out and then mom can start working in the flower beds and garden.
South Saskatchewan River, April 30, 2014
The ice is off of my river, so hopefully that means the ferry will start operating soon.  We went down to the river this morning, but the banks still have a lot of snow and ice on them.  So much ice that mom was afraid to walk on the riverbank.  So we had to abort that walk and came back up and started walking in the fields.

A sure sign of spring!  The Pelicans are back!  April 30, 2014
 Today was the first day mom saw the pelicans back!  Mom enjoyed listening to all the birds that were talking today and I had fun sniffing around.
Sniffing some deer tracks here.  April 30, 2014
There is lots of mud and water and that makes for a very fun walk for me!
This old shed nearly lost all of its shingles this winter.  April 30, 2014
Believe or not, there is green in the grass and mom was quite excited by it.  Oh, and today is sunny!  Yeah!  Mom is so happy it is sunny, that she has to mention it more than once, BOL!
I really enjoyed my walk this morning.  April 30, 2014
I made a discovery yesterday when I was out walking and mom went to check on it this morning again.
Mallard Duck nest.  April 30, 2014
I really enjoyed sniffing that out.  Mom was not pleased with me when I sampled one of the eggs!  This duck made its nest in a very bad spot.  It is right beside our drive and easily accessible to not only me, but the coyotes and foxes that we have around here.  Mom checked on the nest this morning, and was surprised to see that the eggs were still in it, but they appeared to be better covered up today.  When mom said "leave it", I left it alone today!
A sign I had a good walk!  My tongue is hanging and I am thirsty!  April 30, 2014
Sure hope spring is coming to all of my pals out there.  Mom cannot wait for things to start greening up even more and then starting to plant the garden.  She keeps checking the rhubarb and the asparagus to see if they are starting to come back and today she thinks she saw growth on the rhubarb.

Thanks for coming along on my walk and have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I would like to thank the Academy, BOL!

My pawsome pal, Charlie has nominated me for the Yoo Hoo!  YOO HOO! award!  Thank you so much Charlie for this honor!
My Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award!!!!!
 Here are the rules:
1.  Post the award on your blog and thank the blogger who gave it to you.
      Please see above!
2.  Visit at least three of the other blogs that are receiving the award along with you and leave a comment.
3.  Tell us three things you have to celebrate.  You know, three things you are thankful for.
4.  Pass along this award to seven other bloggers and let them know you have done so.
5.  Enjoy a tasty treat!

So now I have to visit three blogs from Charlie's list and leave a comment.  Ok, I will do that after I write up this entry.  It is always good to meet other pups so this could be fun!

Then I have to give this award to seven of my pals.  Well, I am still fairly new to this blogging thing, but I will try my bestest!  To the pals I nominate, don't feel pressured to write an entry.  I think you are all pawsome and I just want to share your pawsomeness with everyone!

I have to tell you three things about myself that I am thankful for.  Hmmm....

1. I am thankful for the awesome rescue that took me under their wing when I was a young pup.  Under their care, I finally started receiving veterinary care, had a warm bed to sleep in and I always had food and water.  Thank you so much.

2. I am thankful for my furever home.  They took in a sick pup and nursed me back to health.  It took a long 7 months before I was healthy, but now I am making up for lost time.  Thank you for not giving up on me when I was so sick.

3. I am thankful for all of my wonderful pals that I have met on Dogster and on this blogging place.  Each and everyone of you put a smile on our faces, sometimes bring a tear to our eyes, and make us laugh out loud at your antics.  Thank you so much for being my pals!

Yippee, and rule number 5 is I get to eat a tasty treat!  Yeah me, I lubs treats!.

Ooops, almost forgot rule 4. The pups I would like to nominate for this award are:
1. Whitley
2. Mazy
3. Zaidie
4. Freckles
5. Zoe
6. Coco Rose and Puff
7. Hershey and Winkie

I think all you pups are pawsome and that is why I nominated you!  Again, do not feel pressured to do a blog entry, but know you all make my day when I read your antics!

Thanks again, Charlie for this award!  You are a pawsome pal! 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Monday!

Pups, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter this year!  Mine was great because on Good  Friday it started to snow and on Saturday we woke up to this:
Yeah for snow!
To think we were devoid of snow on Friday and then to get this was wonderful.  Or so I thought, nobody else shared my enthusiasm.  By the afternoon, almost all of the snow had gone.

Mom and I took a nice walk on Saturday and mom tried out her new camera.
This hawk was watching us.
Mom learned how to use the zoom on her camera to take this picture.  He was quite a distance away and mom would have had to wade across a ditch full of water to get any closer to him.
My two favorite things snow and water!

After mom took the picture of the hawk she turned around and took this picture of me.  I  just love water and snow and to have both together on the same day was wonderful.  Just ask mom what a big mess I made in the mud room after this outing.  Incidentally, isn't that why a mud room is called a mud room.  One is supposed to get mud all over it!
So happy to have snow again!
After having lots of fun in the snow we made our way back home and that is when mom saw the first robin's of the year!
It must be spring if the robin's are back!
On Sunday mom and I took another walk and we took off across the other neighbor's field.  Once again, I did a number on the mud room when I came back, but I sure had fun on the walk!
Finally!  Mom got a picture of the elusvie eagle that lives near us!
Mom was finally able to get a picture of the eagle that she has been seeing for the last few months.  She couldn't get any closer due to the large puddle of water in the neighbor's field.  But you can tell this is the eagle and it's nest is in this same group of trees.  Maybe we can see baby eagle's this year!

For my pals that are on Dogster, Dogster is having major problems right now and this is a post from Beasley aka Lori aka Watchdog on Dogster:  " All of SAY Media's properties were taken down by what is called a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) again this weekend. The tech team is working to get everything back up and running, but it will take some time before we can expect our servers to be accessible normally again."  .....
.....and this is an update she posted on Facebook about an hour ago "Unfortunately, the sites are still being affected by the DDoS attack. The tech team worked all weekend, until 4:30am, to address the issues caused by the DDoS attack on all of SAY Media's properties (not just Dogster and Catster), instead of spending the holiday with their family and friends…I will continue to post updates in the All Paws Group when I can..."  

We hope this situation can be rectified soon.  We made so many pawsome pals on Dogster that we just hope this problem can be remedied quickly.

Pups, I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Easter!  Take care all!
Can you see me and what I am chasing out of the yard in this picture?
This happened really quickly and mom couldn't get the camera pulled out of her pocket fast enough!  The pictures are all dark because we have not had any sun all weekend and today has started off very foggy and misty.

Monday, 14 April 2014

It Has Been Awhile

Hello everyone!  My typist has been busy doing other things so has not been here lately.  We  have lots of catching up to do with my friends blogs.

In my absence I was Diary of the Day not once, but twice on Dogster!  BOL!  One gets a little dizzy in the DDP loop, so I was glad when my run was over.

Hey, mom! Fill up my pool!
I have been helping mom clean up the yard and I cannot wait until my pool is filled up and I can use my gazebo again.  What, you don't have your own gazebo?  Well come on over and have fun in mine!
Pouting in a snowbank because mom wouldn't put water in my pool!
Since mom didn't want to put water in my pool, I gave her the sad puppy eyes from a snowbank.  That snowbank has now melted, so I really do think I need my pool filled up!
The South Saskatchewan is thawing.
My river is slowly melting and people have stopped using it as an ice road now.  Hopefully the ferry will be back in before too long.  Mom won't let me near the river now because the ice is so thin.
Digging in the neighbor's field.
To pass the time, I have started digging, mom calls it excavating, in the neighbor's field.  Mom has taken a shovel and a rake over there at least three times to fill in the hole I am excavating.
Check out my dirty tongue!
It is a good thing I am black and you can't really see the dirt on me!
Yeah, even my white paws are black in that photo!  What can I say?  I just love to dig and I do it so well!!

Mom has started some bedding plants in preparation for her garden this summer.  Don't ask me why she is putting plants to bed, but whatever.  Maybe I can dig them up!
Mom's mini greenhouse
Mom has started 4 types of tomatoes, tomatillos, celery, serrano and jalapeno peppers so far.

I am keeping busy, well with digging, and chasing birds.
Canada Geese.  I couldn't catch these guys!
 Now I will try to catch up on some of my pals blogs!  I hope everyone has a great day today.

Can you spot the coyote that was in my yard this morning!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Today you are two

Buddy boy, today is the day we celebrate your second birthday.  As you are a rescue, we don't know the exact date of your birth, but everything pointed at early April.

You had a hard start to your life, but luckily you lived very close to the President of the Northern Animal Rescue and she eventually convinced your owners to relinquish you to the care of the rescue.  We know you were chained outdoors day and night without shelter or adequate food and no veterinary care up to that point.

There was a time, shortly after you came to us, that I thought you wouldn't make your first birthday and now here we are at your second.  You came to us on August 31, 2012, shortly after our faithful companion of 11.5 years, Abby, went to the Rainbow Bridge.  A few days later you became ill.  Off to the vet we went and you appeared to have a bladder infection.  We got a two week supply of antibiotics and thought, after that course of treatment you would be fine.  You appeared to be fine and then a couple days later you were sick again.  This continued for a couple months.  We got different drugs and you were on them for different durations and once you finished them, you were fine for a couple days and then you got sick again.

It was after your 3rd or 4th course of medication, that you became very sick. I was up with you all night and I remember calling the emergency vet at 2:00 a.m. in the morning to discuss your situation.  I got some pointers and then sat down on your bed, you came and sat on my lap (all 65 pounds at that point) and finally fell asleep.  When morning came I got you the first appointment with your vet that I could.  Upon arrival you were so sick that they thought you might be in kidney or liver failure.  The vet and I discussed our options and then I left you there for some tests while I drove home.  I was hoping I wasn't going to lose you, and with your daddy working out of the country right then, I was hoping I wouldn't have to make that decision on my own, especially so soon after losing Abby.

I asked the vet before I left if she thought you might not overcome this infection.  She had to think for a while and cautiously said, she thought you could overcome it, but it might be something that financially we couldn't do.  Then your blood work came back and showed that your kidneys and liver were fine.  The rushed biopsy of your prostate gland came back and it showed a marked infection.  That nasty E. coli infection that had started in your bladder had moved up to your prostate and because you were so young, this came as a shock to everyone.  You spent the night at the vet and they started you on yet another round of antibiotics.

Now prostate infections, as I have found out, are very hard to treat.  The tissue is very thick and it takes a long duration of antibiotics to get in there and get rid of any infection.  The next morning I picked you up from the vet and started you on your 12 week course of antibiotics.

That 12 week course of antibiotics ended at the end of February 2013 and I held my breath and waited.  But this time, it seemed that we had finally whipped that nasty E. coli infection into submission.  On April 1, 2013 we happily celebrated your 1st birthday with a very healthy pup.
Thanks to Bailey for this wonderful picture!

Now here we are at your second birthday.  You have blossomed in the time you have been with us.  From a pup that was terrified of the broom, the mop and the vacuum, you have turned into a pup that regularly barks at these things.  You no longer run and hide when you see these items.  You went from a pup that walked with its tail between his legs to a pup that walks with his tail up and confidence in his stride.
Thanks to Flicka for this wonderful picture!
Except for the odd ear infection, which you wouldn't get if you didn't insist on digging to China and sticking your head in the hole and thus getting your ears full of dirt, you  have been very healthy.  Oh, and then there was the time you ate something that caused a slight obstruction.  The vet said you would be ok, and you were in the end.  You also should really stop sneaking the odd rock, you know.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Buddy!  (Not patiently waiting for his cake!)
You have spread dirt, drool, mud, toys, fur, you name it, literally through every room of the house.  But you have also spread a lot of smiles and laughs.  You love you, Buddy!  Happy birthday sweet boy!
Thank you Redford and family for this awesome picture!
Thank you Freckles and Growlmy for this beautiful picture!
Thank you Doo and Austin for this picture!
Thank you "Love is being owned by a husky" for this wonderful picture!