Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sunshine Award

Our pawsome pals over at Love is being owned by a husky! presented us with the Sunshine Award on Monday!  Thank you so much Lexus, Mika and Koda!

So the rules are to thank the person that gave you the award - ok, thank you again Lexus, Mika and Koda!

I can also tell you 10 things about myself.  Hmm, now should that be me or the momma that you might want to learn 10 things about!  Mom is really boring pups, so it might be hard for her to come up with 10 things but let's try.

1. I am a refugee from Dogster and had been a member of Dogster for many years and was saddened to learn that it might be closing down.  We now have a reprieve, but I started this blog for Buddy just in case Dogster no longer exists.

2. I am slowly learning things about blogging!  I am learning things everyday reading the blogs I am following and am still learning how to add links, pictures, put captions to pictures, generally just learning how to format in this blogger world.

3. I enjoy cross stitching and have been working on one picture for a number of years now.  This current picture is on 22 count aida, and I have finally finished placing the full and half cross stitches.  Now I am working on the detailing.  I might actually get that picture done this year.

4. I taught myself to knit several years ago and the first thing I knitted for myself was socks.  I will have to post a picture here for Zoe's momma's perusal!  I have knitted socks for every family member and just learned how to knit slippers.

5. I enjoy baking and am always looking on the internet for new recipes to try.  Some even turn out well.

6. I have been to China and walked on the Great Wall.  It really is a Great Wall and I actually experienced vertigo walking on it.  I did think the KFC at the base of the Great Wall was a little tacky!

7. I have visited the ancient city of Pompeii and was freaked out by the bats circling the outdoor coliseum but amazed by that city in general.  Be sure to heed the siren that sounds in the evening or you will be locked into the city!  Don't worry, after every congregates at the gate, they let you out.

8. Okay, enough about mom, Buddy here!  I was born into a Northern Community in the province of Saskatchewan and was relinquished to the rescue I was adopted from at the age of 5 months.

9. Some of you on Dogster might remember how sick I was when I came to my furever home and I thank mom and dad for looking after me so well.

10. Mom would like to try and get me into agility this year.  I think she really needs the exercise! BOL!

Ok, that was a mixture of facts about me and mom.  Hope we didn't bore anyone with those facts!

Now I am to nominate 10 blogs for the Sunshine Award.  This one is hard because we are fairly new to this blog thing and we are only following a few blogs. We enjoy reading all of our friend's blogs so we think you all should have the Sunshine Award!  Therefore, to any of my pals reading this entry, consider yourselves presented with the Sunshine Award and if you wish to share 10 things about yourselves in your blogs, please do. 


  1. Oh BuddyMom! Socks! Wow! I am just now trying my hand at crocheted socks. Daughter said she *might* try socks someday. Yes, I want to see your socks! Haha!

    Yeah, Buddy, we 'member yu wuz one sick pup right there at first. But yu are doin so much better, huh?
    Thanks fur sharin yur deep, dark secret stuff! Bol!

  2. Ok, Zoe, I will have mom take a picture of the socks! Sigh! I will not permit her to take pictures of the many afghans she has made, however! Wow, crochet socks. Mom has seen patterns for that, but has never attempted it. Zoe, consider yourself the recipient of the Sunshine Award! You pawsome pup you!

  3. Congrats on your award Buddy - we loved learning more about you and your momma!

  4. Well, we would like to pawticipawt, but growlmy says then she would just be more taxed fur time than evfur...all these bloggies are fun, but they sure do add to the time consumption around here.

    It was fun reading about all your 10 things, though...

    Growlmy used to do a lot of crocheting, too, and a bit of knoitting...and some cross stitch...OMD! Then after she got married and had my unfurs, well...and us real-furs...she kind of stopped...

    1. Momma remembers when she had a full time job and could still finish cross stitch and knitting or crocheting projects quickly! Maybe I am high maintenance! BOL!

  5. Hey Buddy, I am glad you like your sunshine award!!!! I was so sad when we heard the news about dogster as well. Hopefully with the new stuff and the new owners coming along, we will be able to stay open!
    It was great learning new stuff about you both! I enjoyed this post! And yes a KFC would seem super tacky there!!!!
    If you ever have any questions about blogging, I will be happy to help! I am no professional when it comes to this stuff, but I know my way around pretty good now I think. So if you ever have questions, you can find my contact email over on my blog in the contact me section.
    have a great weekend!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks! We may just ask the experts to help us! One of these days mom would like to customize the background amongst other things! When she decides she can't figure it out, we will contact you!

      Yeah a KFC at the bottom of the Great Wall. Mom has a picture standing beside Colonel Sanders! There is/was also a McDonald's across the street from Pompeii. Go figure!