Saturday, 29 March 2014

Friday Walk

Well it has been staying cool here, but next week is supposed to warm up and then the snow will really start melting.  Mom and I decided to take a walk down to the river yesterday.
Me on the lookout in my peeps backyard.
So that right there is the South Saskatchewan river.  If you look at the upper left hand side of the picture you will see some melting around the island there.  People are still driving across the ice road but they are being cautioned to drive slow and follow the ruts as it is getting soft.  Why drive slow?  Because if you drive fast you create waves and the waves will break the ice.  Ask some people how they know that.  Driving fast on the ice road now is NOT advisable!
Down at the river
You can see how far up the riverbank the water was when it froze last fall.  Mom kept me on my leash while we were down near the river.  She didn't want me running on the ice just in case I found a soft spot in it.
Another picture of the river looking the other direction.
Another picture of the river and the creative photo angle comes from mom slipping on the ice!  BOL!  Yeah, so we went walking along the shore, which is really ice and snow right now and because it is starting to melt, mom kept breaking through and sinking in the snow or falling.  It was kinda funny.

Then we encountered a porcupine on the trail.  Now remember I was on my leash, and mom did all she could to keep me from saying hi to the porcupine!  In fact, she dragged me up a side trail to get away from it.  The problem with the side trail was it was a vertical sheet of ice at the top with no footholds.  Mom decided we had to try and get up this way because she didn't want me playing with the porcupine.  So she tried to kick footholds in the ice and grab onto trees to help her up.  And then she lost her footing and slid all the way to bottom and had me land on top. BOL.  Then she decided to try the trail again, but remember the porcupine(?), he was still there!  Back to the vertical wall of ice we go and mom was successful in getting up it this time.  She did hurt her shoulder when slid down the first time though.  Oh well!

Back up on the top of the riverbank
Sorry, but mom didn't take a picture of the vertical wall of ice! Mom really wasn't sure the camera would work anymore because she kind landed on top of it when she slid down the wall of ice.  This pictures shows a bit of the melting around the island in the river.

Anywhoodle, we had a very good walk yesterday and then mom and I retreated into the house, where I lounged in a sunny patch in the den and  mom worked on her cross stitch picture.

Yesterday evening we went out for another walk and guess what?  Mom slipped again on the ice and really whacked the same shoulder she injured earlier in the day.  I was a good pup and ran over to her as she lay moaning on the snow and I licked her face and tried to sit on top of her.  I am ever so helpful!

Her shoulder, arm and hand are real sore today.  If it continues, maybe I should take her to the vet!

Later in the evening mom and I enjoyed watching some WWE Smackdown and then mom finally finished doing something she has been working on for a long time.
Cross stitch finished March 28, 2014
Now mom needs to mat and frame this picture.

We hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


  1. Wow, sounds like quite a day! Hope your mom is going to be alright, but I'm sure she will probably be a little sore for awhile. At least you didn't have to get porcupine quills pulled out. Going up that wall of ice was dangerous & to have to do it a 2nd time...
    Still looks like you have quite a bit of snow & ice there. We were 72 degrees today & a winter storm on it's way here with maybe 8 inches of the white stuff & wind. Dreading it already.
    Love the cross stitch, it's gorgeous!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend & make sure mom stays off the ice!

    Teresa, KJ, Rain and Dozer

    1. Thanks for stopping by! This morning we have freezing rain, snow and lots of wind. It is rather chilly outside. Mom's arm seems better, but her shoulder is still sore. She really fell hard on it when she stumbled that afternoon.

      Glad you like the cross stitch! It was at least 3 and maybe 4 years in the making. Now mom is working on a lap quilt. The pattern of it is a retriever type dog sleeping on some quilts. She started it before Angel Abby passed and she still wants to try and make the dog on the quilt look like Abby.

      Hope you are having a great day.

  2. Oh no! I hope your mom feels better soon!!! You might just have to take her to the vet Buddy!! Very beautiful photos though! And I am glad you had a good walk, aside from the ice wall! The cross stitching picture is gorgeous!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Mom is fine, her shoulder is even starting to feel better. Mom is glad that picture is finally done and now she wants to get it framed.

  3. Nice icy pictures...and maybe your Mom needs to take some ice picks along for any future walks, and does she wear yak-traks or something under her shoes for traction? Growlmy has some for here ...she can't walk on ice at all...and if I give a tug, OMD!

    Beautiful cross stitch! Hooray for getting it done.

    Your Mom could work on that despite her soreness?
    POTP fur her...and I hope she doesn't need to visit a vet...

    Porcupines seem to be flourishing in your area!

    1. Thanks Freckles! Mom is fine don't worry. She does have those ice picks, but didn't use them this walk because when she breaks through the snow they keep coming off and they are not that easy to put on in the first place.

      All mom had to do to finish the picture Friday evening was two french knots and then put her initials and the date in the lower right hand corner. Now to get it framed.

  4. Yay fur finishin the cross stitch! It can be all ready to show off next Christmasy time!
    Thanks fur takin us along on yur icy walk. Sure hope yur mom feels better soon. Good job helpin her on that 2nd fall.

    1. Mom is just fine, but she says I shouldn't sit on top of her after she falls, BOL!

  5. CRIKEY!! that's a river????? Could have fooled me! You drive on it?????? Fair dinkum, you blokes must be mad! You fall down walking on it and you DRIVE on it. I'm pleased to hear Mom is ok. Be careful, aye? That looks awful dangerous to me. It also looks very pretty. I can't wait to see the river. It does happen doesn't it??? Mum said to tell your Mom she LOVES the cross stitch .... well done!!

    1. Yup, Charlie! That is the river! It is slowly thawing. Yes, people drive across it all winter. That is much faster than driving all the way around. There is usually two weeks in fall, before the river freezes solid; and two weeks in spring, before the ferry is running again, that you have to drive all the way around. Thanks for liking mom's cross stitch. She has already started another project.

  6. Hello Buddy. Were glad your mom will be o.k. falling on ice is not fun. They are very beautiful pictures your mom took.
    Were sorry to hear about the porcupine ."ouch"! The cross stich is gorgeous. Have great day Buddy.

    1. Hi Spunky, Casper and Tigger! Mom is ok, she is tough, BOL! We are sure hoping for spring to come soon so we can take some pictures of it greening up. Mom is happy she finally got that cross stitch finished. Now she needs to frame it. Have a great day everyone!