Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What do you use your waffle iron for?

Pups, the peeps are always finding new recipes and things to try in the kitchen.  The slow cooker has been repurposed into a sous vide machine, and now the peeps have repurposed the waffle iron.  It all started when daddy came across a blog for the  The Infamous Waffelizer.  This fella uses his waffle iron not only for waffles, but for so much more!  Check out his site!

So far our waffle iron has made these
Waffled Falafels!

These were good, or so I am told as I never even got a bite!  Best served with yogurt and cucumbers!  Mom rehydrated the chickpeas and then made them in her new favorite kitchen gadget, namely the pressure cooker, then added a few other things and voila!  falafels to be waffled.

They have also taken mashed potatoes and waffled them and that was very tasty (again, I didn't even get a taste).  Then they decided to make hash browns with raw potatoes and those waffled up nicely!
Waffled hash browns!
Don't those waffled hash browns look tasty.  This was served with a barley/kale and egg dish mom found the recipe for on the internet.  (Again, I never got a taste).  Dad has also put oatmeal in the waffle iron and waffled that.  It tastes like an oatmeal cookie, go figure.  I, of course, did not get a taste!

Another thing dad especially likes to do is make no knead and sour dough breads.  Mom's favorites are the blue cheese/sesame seed, the sour dough rye and the beer bread.  All smell pawsome (I, of course, never get a taste).
Diablo Bread
The above bread is one of dad's latest tries.  He calls it Diablo Bread and the main ingredient is Sriracha Sauce and hot pepper flakes.  It smelled wonderful (I didn't get a piece).

You might be wondering about the slow cooker being made into a sous vide machine.  Sous Vide is a method of cooking in a water bath.  If you have watched Chopped or Iron Chef America, you have probably seen them use a circulation bath (aka sous vide) for some foods.  Soon the peeps will be the proud owners of this Sansaire and then their culinary adventures in sous vide cooking will know  no bounds.  One of the best things they have made via the sous vide method is pulled pork (I probably didn't get a taste of that either).

Mom also likes to dabble in ice cream and frozen yogurt making in spring, summer, fall.  Her secret ingredient in most of those is vodka.  Please don't get her started and ask her to share recipes for homemade ice cream pups.  Oh my dogness!

Ok, mom is insisting on sharing this favorite pie recipe, and then she has promised the next blog entry will be all about me!.  Here is is!  The Peeps Favorite Pie!  I will let you draw your own conclusions about this pie recipe.  The peeps say it is very good.  (I have never had a piece!)

Anywhoodle, I challenge you to try your waffle iron out for making things other than waffles!


  1. The stuff looks very yummy. But yur peepoles sure are very mean not lettin yu efun try a lil bitty taste. I know how that feels.
    Mommy thinks the hash browns are sumfin she will have ta try out. She toadally messes them up on the stove top.

    1. Zoe, if your momma tries the hash browns, have her shred them and then rinse well under cold water. After rinsing well, have her wring them out in a clean tea towel. Daddy usually does the wringing out and he divides the shredded potatoes into two or three piles. Season well after wringing them out and then put on the waffle iron. They are very good. Or so I am told as I have not tasted them!

    2. Thanks Buddy, I'll let Mommy know yur tips.
      Hmm, maybe yu can score sum tastes of the yumminess fur lettin yur pawrents kinda take ofur yur doggy bloggy with their cookin stuff.

  2. Didn't share da taters? How mean!! Dose sure look yummy!

    1. Apparently the taters are tasty! Some day I get a bite of one!

  3. Yummy is right!
    Can't you have taties??
    Sigh, I never get much good stuff either.

    Growlmy thought she was going to see how they made noms fur you on the waafle iron! BOL!

    We used to put steel cut oats in a jar with some water an dried cranberries, then we would loosley seal the jar, and put it on a trivet in the low cooker, and put water in the bottom...then it was on low all night, and the oats were soft and delish!
    Then we found out pouring boiling water over them in a wide mouth thermos, and putting the tea cozy over the thermos did the same work...go figure!

    1. Mom is looking for a dog cookie recipe to try on the waffle iron. She thinks the recipe she already has might work just fine! I still have some cookies from the last batch she made me, but I think she should hurry up and try some on the waffle iron.

  4. My Momma weaded da werd 'bodka' an' passded out. We hab a ice cweam/fwozen yogurt maker dat hab NEBER BEEN USED! As hur wuz fallin' tu da fwoor, Momma quietwy sed sumfing 'bout bodka sorbay???

    1. Zaidie, a little bit of vodka, or Jack Daniels, or whatever, makes any ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet taste way better!