Monday, 17 February 2014

Happy Family Day!!

Today was an pawsome day as it was family day in our province.  We had a lot of snow and blowing snow here yesterday, so mom woke up to her truck looking like this
Just a tiny drift beside and behind her vehicle

For good measure, her truck door was also frozen shut, BOL! So I attempted to help her out!

Me digging furiously!

Just look at the awesome hole that I dug!

Is that not an amazing hole!

Well I tried to help out my pawrent, but apparently it wasn't good enough as daddy got both the tractor and snowblower out to finish cleaning up the drive.

On Saturday mom and I took a really nice long walk.  During our walk we saw a huge nest up in a tree and mom took a picture.

Anyway you look at it, that is a big nest!

Mom sent the picture to the Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation centre and they told her that it was an eagle's nest.  They told her to keep a close eye on it in summer to watch the activity around it.  Mom also asked about the Northern Flicker that I found injured here last August.
My Northern Flicker I found injured last August
Well the little guy is still at the rehab place, I think he wanted a nice warm place for the winter!  He has just been moved to the big bird room, he is still having difficulty flying, but they are hoping he can released back to the wild this spring.  It turns out when I found the little guy he had broken his coracoid bone and also ruptured an air sac.  Ouch, that must have hurt.

Well, I have had a great long weekend and I hope everyone else did too.  Have a pawsome week everyone!

I am a happy boy!

Just one more question pals.  Do you have a waffle iron and do you only cook waffles in it?  In my next blog, I will show you what my peeps do with their waffle iron.  Stop the madness I say!


  1. We has a waffle iron... but we only uses it fur waffles. Boy, dat looks cold there... it was about 76 here today...

    1. My peeps haven't made waffles on their waffle iron in a while. They make other things on the waffle iron. Go figure! It was actually not a bad day when mom took those pictures!

  2. Yu coulda got yur Mom's truck outta those drifts but that was nice of yur Dad to break out the big guns to help yu.

    Can't wait to hear 'bout yur waffle maker.

    1. Thanks, Zoe! I think I could have just pulled it out by the bumper, BOL!

  3. Did somebody say waffles? I luv waffles!

    1. I lubs waffles too, Whitley! The peeps do other things with the waffle iron!

  4. Waffles?? Mmmm! With real maple syrup and whipped cream...YUMMY!

    You could have come over here, to help dig us out, Buddy, when that chore was done in your area...we had blowing and drifting and about 8 inches of new snow...the mountains here are over 7feet parking lots they are way higher than that!

    If you want to read some really neat things, google about Eagles and their nests...OMD!
    I thought it might have been a hawk's nest, not too far off...I think its called an eerie?


    1. Mom has done some reading on eagles! That is cool about their nests. The wildlife people said to keep an eye on because the eagles may come back, or the eagles have abandoned the nest and then ravens usually take it over. Time will tell.

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    2. Yup, it is huge! Mom and I just came from walking around there and it is definitely being added to. There was new straw hanging down from one side of it. Very kewl!