Monday, 24 February 2014

At Least It Is a Dry Cold!

It is staying cold up here in the Great White North!  As the humans like to say up here, "At least it is a dry cold!"  Now being part Husky, I lubs the cold weather!  Every morning before we go on a walk, mom always checks our inhouse weather station.
With the windchill, this morning was a balmy -39C!
Yeah, I guess that is a little frosty!  That would be -38.2 F for those of you not using Celsius for your temperatures.

Even with it being cold, mom makes sure I get one really good long walk every day.  Usually the morning is the long walk and in the afternoon, I get a shorter one.  This morning mom and I both got bundled up and headed outside.
Am I not stylin' in my snowsuit!
You should be sure to do a few warmup exercises before heading out for your walk.  I highly recommended stretching!  A few downward facing dogs are good if you are into yoga, but it is a little hard to stretch like that in this snowsuit that the momma makes me wear.

We went for our usual nice long walk this morning and mom would have taken the camera along with her, but after the above picture, I ran to her and licked the shutter and it froze!  BOL!  So she had to leave the camera in the house.  I did my usually sniffing and digging and running and had a great old time.
Just a little frosty out this morning!
When we got back in the house, mom had a  nice deer bone waiting for me.  I happily gnawed on that while mom cleaned the bathrooms.  I guess I should have been supervising her cleaning because I think she missed a spot!

This weekend dad and I went on a very pawsome walk!  We went walking across the river that is behind my house!  From the house, the river looks wide, but not really that bad.  We found out while walking across it, how very wide it in fact is.
My frozen river.
We saw a few animal tracks and a few snowmobile tracks and just generally had a very good time on that walk.

It looks like we will be in the deep freeze for another week.  That is if you can believe the weatherman.  Those guys are never very accurate!

Stay warm pals!


  1. Brrr! My walk sure wasn't as chilly as yurs.
    At least ya don't haveta wear no stinkin lil booties like sum of our pals do, huh?
    So I'm guessin the name of yur river is "The Buddy". Bol!

    1. Why yes, Zoe! My river is called "The Buddy"! How did you know? BOL! I do have boots, Zoe, but I absolutely refuse to have them on. Mom says I go completely bat crap crazy whenever she tries to get them on me!

  2. I wouldn't want to be out in that cold at all, Yikes!
    And I would bite the hands that try to put booties on me...coats are bad enough. My auntie had some, but growlmy said, better to return them to the store, BOL!

  3. I don't mind the cold, Freckles, but momma won't let me stay out long. I agree with you about those boots. I hate those things. Mom should really get rid of them because I will never wear them!

  4. Crikey was that MINUS 39 degrees?????? I can't even imagine how cold that must be. Don't go out there Buddy .... that's way too cold for anything to survive. Your Mum and Dad go out in it too ?????? Fair dinkum .... that's ridiculous temperatures. You live in Canada? Looks more like the North Pole to me??????? You got those Polar bear things running around your place??

    1. Yes, Charlie, that was -39C! Earlier in the morning it was -41C, so I guess you could say it warmed up a bit! BOL! We just bundle up warm and off we go up here. No polar bears where I am, but our neighbors have seen grizzly bears in our area.

    2. Grizzly bears ....crikey ... why do they grizzle? S'pose they don't like the cold.

    3. Them grizzled bears are supposed to be hibernating right now. Maybe someone woke them up too soon!

  5. Don't you just look so PAWsome in your snowsuit!!!!!
    Thanks for coming by my blog Buddy! Its great to see you there!!!!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky