Thursday, 27 February 2014

Ancient Chinese Secret

So  mom is feeling a little rough pups!  She is really achey and yesterday she had a bad headache.  This meant that I was bored out of my mind, because she didn't feel like going for a good long walk with me in the afternoon.  Ok, I did get a good long walk in the morning, and then a deer bone to gnaw on, but the momma decided to nap the afternoon away.  These humans and their ailments!

I think she needs to pull out the big guns and start feeling better.  Daddy got this several years ago when he was working in Beijing.  It is apparently good for paralysis and rheumatism.  Since mom is achy I think she should take it.  Instead, of trying a swig, the momma took a couple Tylenol's instead.  
Ancient Chinese Secret!  It is good for what ails you!
Your thoughts pups?  Don't you think mom would feel better after trying this medicinal formula?

Monday, 24 February 2014

At Least It Is a Dry Cold!

It is staying cold up here in the Great White North!  As the humans like to say up here, "At least it is a dry cold!"  Now being part Husky, I lubs the cold weather!  Every morning before we go on a walk, mom always checks our inhouse weather station.
With the windchill, this morning was a balmy -39C!
Yeah, I guess that is a little frosty!  That would be -38.2 F for those of you not using Celsius for your temperatures.

Even with it being cold, mom makes sure I get one really good long walk every day.  Usually the morning is the long walk and in the afternoon, I get a shorter one.  This morning mom and I both got bundled up and headed outside.
Am I not stylin' in my snowsuit!
You should be sure to do a few warmup exercises before heading out for your walk.  I highly recommended stretching!  A few downward facing dogs are good if you are into yoga, but it is a little hard to stretch like that in this snowsuit that the momma makes me wear.

We went for our usual nice long walk this morning and mom would have taken the camera along with her, but after the above picture, I ran to her and licked the shutter and it froze!  BOL!  So she had to leave the camera in the house.  I did my usually sniffing and digging and running and had a great old time.
Just a little frosty out this morning!
When we got back in the house, mom had a  nice deer bone waiting for me.  I happily gnawed on that while mom cleaned the bathrooms.  I guess I should have been supervising her cleaning because I think she missed a spot!

This weekend dad and I went on a very pawsome walk!  We went walking across the river that is behind my house!  From the house, the river looks wide, but not really that bad.  We found out while walking across it, how very wide it in fact is.
My frozen river.
We saw a few animal tracks and a few snowmobile tracks and just generally had a very good time on that walk.

It looks like we will be in the deep freeze for another week.  That is if you can believe the weatherman.  Those guys are never very accurate!

Stay warm pals!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What do you use your waffle iron for?

Pups, the peeps are always finding new recipes and things to try in the kitchen.  The slow cooker has been repurposed into a sous vide machine, and now the peeps have repurposed the waffle iron.  It all started when daddy came across a blog for the  The Infamous Waffelizer.  This fella uses his waffle iron not only for waffles, but for so much more!  Check out his site!

So far our waffle iron has made these
Waffled Falafels!

These were good, or so I am told as I never even got a bite!  Best served with yogurt and cucumbers!  Mom rehydrated the chickpeas and then made them in her new favorite kitchen gadget, namely the pressure cooker, then added a few other things and voila!  falafels to be waffled.

They have also taken mashed potatoes and waffled them and that was very tasty (again, I didn't even get a taste).  Then they decided to make hash browns with raw potatoes and those waffled up nicely!
Waffled hash browns!
Don't those waffled hash browns look tasty.  This was served with a barley/kale and egg dish mom found the recipe for on the internet.  (Again, I never got a taste).  Dad has also put oatmeal in the waffle iron and waffled that.  It tastes like an oatmeal cookie, go figure.  I, of course, did not get a taste!

Another thing dad especially likes to do is make no knead and sour dough breads.  Mom's favorites are the blue cheese/sesame seed, the sour dough rye and the beer bread.  All smell pawsome (I, of course, never get a taste).
Diablo Bread
The above bread is one of dad's latest tries.  He calls it Diablo Bread and the main ingredient is Sriracha Sauce and hot pepper flakes.  It smelled wonderful (I didn't get a piece).

You might be wondering about the slow cooker being made into a sous vide machine.  Sous Vide is a method of cooking in a water bath.  If you have watched Chopped or Iron Chef America, you have probably seen them use a circulation bath (aka sous vide) for some foods.  Soon the peeps will be the proud owners of this Sansaire and then their culinary adventures in sous vide cooking will know  no bounds.  One of the best things they have made via the sous vide method is pulled pork (I probably didn't get a taste of that either).

Mom also likes to dabble in ice cream and frozen yogurt making in spring, summer, fall.  Her secret ingredient in most of those is vodka.  Please don't get her started and ask her to share recipes for homemade ice cream pups.  Oh my dogness!

Ok, mom is insisting on sharing this favorite pie recipe, and then she has promised the next blog entry will be all about me!.  Here is is!  The Peeps Favorite Pie!  I will let you draw your own conclusions about this pie recipe.  The peeps say it is very good.  (I have never had a piece!)

Anywhoodle, I challenge you to try your waffle iron out for making things other than waffles!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Happy Family Day!!

Today was an pawsome day as it was family day in our province.  We had a lot of snow and blowing snow here yesterday, so mom woke up to her truck looking like this
Just a tiny drift beside and behind her vehicle

For good measure, her truck door was also frozen shut, BOL! So I attempted to help her out!

Me digging furiously!

Just look at the awesome hole that I dug!

Is that not an amazing hole!

Well I tried to help out my pawrent, but apparently it wasn't good enough as daddy got both the tractor and snowblower out to finish cleaning up the drive.

On Saturday mom and I took a really nice long walk.  During our walk we saw a huge nest up in a tree and mom took a picture.

Anyway you look at it, that is a big nest!

Mom sent the picture to the Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation centre and they told her that it was an eagle's nest.  They told her to keep a close eye on it in summer to watch the activity around it.  Mom also asked about the Northern Flicker that I found injured here last August.
My Northern Flicker I found injured last August
Well the little guy is still at the rehab place, I think he wanted a nice warm place for the winter!  He has just been moved to the big bird room, he is still having difficulty flying, but they are hoping he can released back to the wild this spring.  It turns out when I found the little guy he had broken his coracoid bone and also ruptured an air sac.  Ouch, that must have hurt.

Well, I have had a great long weekend and I hope everyone else did too.  Have a pawsome week everyone!

I am a happy boy!

Just one more question pals.  Do you have a waffle iron and do you only cook waffles in it?  In my next blog, I will show you what my peeps do with their waffle iron.  Stop the madness I say!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It Worked!! It Worked!!

This just in from Dogster HQ!!!!

A little over two weeks ago, we were sad to announce that we being forced to shut down our community areas. But then something incredible happened. You rallied, and refused to give up on us. You voiced your dismay to anyone who would listen. And you know what? It worked.

Today we can tell you that we are no longer shutting down the community areas of Dogster and Catster on March 3rd as was initially planned. We are developing a new plan with a new partner to keep all your favorite features running, but it may take a month to get everything finalized so thanks in advance for your patience. We will share the details with you as soon as we have them figured out.

We know you will have a lot of questions about what will happen to your pet pages, groups and forums, and we don’t have a lot of answers at this point. As soon as we know what the final plan is, you will know it too. Thanks for bearing with us, and for loving Dogster and Catster. All of this is because of you.

Your friends at Dogster and Catster HQ

P.S. We are still having an ongoing conversation in the All Paws Bulletin Group. We hope you’ll join us there. ity-features-not-shutting-down


Oh my Dogness!!! That is such pawsome news!

Just shows that when us pups rally, we can get things accomplished!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Help Retrieving Dogster and Catster Memories

As many know, with Dogster shutting down, daddy came up with a way to save our files from that site. 

First the bad news: Folks on the Dogster forums groups discovered that the archives would not work when they had no Internet connection. That implied that the download would stop working once Dogster shut down.

THE GOOD NEWS: Dad has updated his blog with new scan rules. The new scan rules mean the gift archive now works. Thumbnails in photo comments now work. Badges can be retrieved. And much more. We would like to thank the many Dogster and Catster members that have verified these new scan rules work. This has been a very steep learning curve for all and it could not have been done without the help of these Dogster and Catster members. Our memories of Dogster are very important to us and we hope these new scan rules will help others preserve their memories.

For Our Dogster Friends

 Please share the link to the blog so that others can retrieve their Dogster and Catster memories.