Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Weird Weather and Other Things

We have been having such weird weather lately here.  One day it is around -30C and the next day it will be -10C and so on.  I love the cold weather!  The momma, not so much, but she does try to take me for at least two really good walks everyday.

This morning before our walk I watch as the momma devours a piece of lemon meringue pie for breakfast.  Does anyone else think that is weird?  Then she says to me that WE need to go for a long walk!  Hey, I was not the one eating pie for breakfast, but, whatever!

So off we start across the frozen tundra.

I should point out the temperature will be dropping continually today.  When we left for our walk it was -16C and upon getting back an hour later it was -18C.  Supposedly it will get down to -25C this afternoon.

Of course I must stop to dig along the way!

Mom doesn't know how I do it, but I am always finding mice under the snow!  Yummy!

After walking around the neighbor's slough we decided to head for home.

Waiting for mom to catch up to me!

I think the momma felt guilty for eating that slice of lemon meringue pie for breakfast, because on returning home, I got a nice deer bone to chow down on.

Now what does mom do when it is so cold outside and she isn't taking me for a walk?  Well she does like to crochet and knit, but for the last several years (yes, years!) she has been working on a cross stitch project.  The project is on 22 count grey aida cloth (whatever that is), and when completed will be 16" x 24".  She just finished putting in all the full cross stitches and now needs to finish off the 1/2 cross stitches and the outlining.  She is hoping to finally get it done this winter.

Finally nearing completion.

Well now I need to go finish my deer bone and mom needs to get back to work on this cross stitch project.  She says this picture is the reason she needed progressive lenses!  Maybe if everyone sends her some encouraging words, she will actually get it finished before spring!


  1. Buddy, those piccies are really nice. I 'specially like the first one with the cold sun shinin. Brrrr.
    That cross stitch! Wow, very nice! Keep up the good work BuddyMom. So close to havin it be done! Yay!
    Stay warm up there in the tundra!

    1. Thanks, Zoe! I will pass that along to the momma. Now off to finish my deer bone!

    2. Hi Buddy! This is Spunky... Wow your mom does really good, it is so pretty. I agree with Zoe, keep up the awesome work mom!

      Lemon Meringue huh? Sounds like the marshmallows mom likes to eat!

    3. Thank you for stopping by Spunky! Mom has now finished placing all the full and half cross stitches in this picture and is now working on the detailing. There is lots of detailing, but she is still hoping to have it finished this year! My mom likes marshmallows, too!

  2. MJF:

    Lemon pie, BOL!

    I think your weather has come our way, Buddy! OMD! Brrr!

    Growlmy worked on a counted-crosstictch once of a church tower in my grand-growlmy's home town...its about 6inches x16inches...strange size...needed a specially made frame...anyways there were 39 colors and it took her three years. Only did it in the room with south facing windows...and she didn't have glasses then yet, but now she does, in fact she has to go for new ones later today. Your Momma's work is very beautiful, indeed.

    Stay warm & cozy!


    1. Yes, MJF, lemon meringue pie for breakfast!!!

      I'll have to have momma count up the colors in this picture. There are many and lots of combining colors to get the right effect.

      How are your momma's new glasses?

      Take care

    2. Well, the script for the lenses stays the same...yay!
      The new frame isn't the height of fashion, growlmy is rather old(fashioned)...but if she likes them thats what counts, BOL!
      Hey we are up to 22F!! Balmy! Mors snow tonight, Friday and up to 6inches on Saturday...sigh...

      Have a nice walk today!

    3. Yeah for new frames! Mom isn't the height of fashion either, but at least she can see. A high of -25C or -13 F here today. But with the windchill feels like -38C. Stay warm!

  3. My momma dose da crossy stitch thing too! She are working on a carousel horse now.

    1. Your mom should post a picture of her work, Whitley!

  4. Great picture of the frozen tundra!