Saturday, 25 January 2014

Angel Abby

Most of you know I have an angel fursis.  Her name is Abby and she was a huge part of the peeps lives for 11.5 years.

Mom joined that Dogster place about 7 years ago and naturally, Abby, was on there.  Mom shared Abby's adventures, many pictures, and told stories of the porcupine encounters, the snakes she destroyed and everything that went on in Abby's life.  When Abby was diagnosed with Mast Cell Carcinoma, mom turned to her Dogster friends for support.  Mom and dad were overwhelmed with the compassion of the Dogster site after Abby passed away in August 2012.

Of course, shortly after Abby passed, I joined the family and mom shared my antics, my battle with that nasty UTI that eventually led to a prostate infection.  Surprisingly, I was made Dog of the Day in Dogster in December of 2012.  Mom was really honored.  I questioned why I was Dog of the Day over my pawsome fursis Abby.

With Dogster now closing down on March 3, mom was sure all honors that could come her pups way had been accomplished.  Imagine mom's surprise when she woke up this morning and found out that Angel Abby is Dog of the Day at Dogster.  As expected, mom has been sobbing and blowing her nose lots.  It's what she does pups.

Congratulations Angel Abby on being Dog of Day at Dogster.  We love you, we miss, rest easy my sweet fursis.

My fursis, Abby.  January 12, 2001 to August 5, 2012.
Congrats on your Dogster honor sweet girl.


  1. Conwags to Angel Abby! She was a very special Grrl. You've got sum big shoes to fill, Buddy. I know, we don't wear shoes. Work with me here.
    Go find sumfin super stinky and bring it to your Mom. She'll love that. It'll jus' be icin on the cake. ;-)

  2. I rolled in something disgusting this morning. Hope that was close enough for you Zoe!

    1. That works! I'm sure your Mom loved that! If it was Real disgustin maybe her eyes started tearin up all ofur again!

  3. We r SO gwad dat Abby hab beened honured finawwy!! Dog ob da Day r a HOOOOGE honur an' it cood nod hab goned tu a sweeter an' nicer gurl-pup!

    Whut yu wolled in, Buddy?? We gedded wotza snows wast nite, so I r startin' fwum scwatch ober here wif sniffin' stuff! An' Dadda needed pwow out my 'pwibacy, pweeze' awea! BOL :D

  4. Yippeeeee! Woofs! I found you in you blog site, Buddy!
    Sorry about the fact that the kitty dudes have got their name on the address and not I, BOL!
    You know me...MJF...or in long form MrJackFreckles...Woofs!

    Congrats to you fur being the brofur of a now furmouse pup, your angel sisfur, Abby.
    And congrats to her of course! Hooray for Dog of the Day!

    Hi, Zaidie! Hi Zoe!
    We gots snow and wind and deepfreezer temps yet again, and lots of churches cancelled their services for Sunday morning. And since growlmy is working I shall go now that I know where you are...
    And enjoy your stinky rolling adventures!

  5. Belated Congratulations to your beautiful Angel Abby! Such a special girl & such a wonderful honor for her to be the "DOG OF THE DAY!" Glad you both had that honor before Dogster is gone forever! Love & Hugs to you & your family.
    KJ, Rain & Mom