Friday, 31 January 2014

I's gonna be famous

So the momma was getting lots and lots of compliments on that picture she took the other day of the sunrise.

Yup, this is the picture!

So she decided to send it off this morning to one of our local tv stations.  Well she just heard that this picture, featuring me of course, will be used on the 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. newscasts and will be the cover photo on that tv stations Facebook page tomorrow!

I think that makes me famous or something!

I should probably have some 8 x 10 glossy pictures made just in case somebody wants my pawtograph.

Gotta go and set the PVR now so that I can watch this over and over again!

Oh, and mom also sent the picture to The Weather Network and they are also displaying it.  Don't you think I deserve extra kibble or something for being so darn photogenic!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Weird Weather and Other Things

We have been having such weird weather lately here.  One day it is around -30C and the next day it will be -10C and so on.  I love the cold weather!  The momma, not so much, but she does try to take me for at least two really good walks everyday.

This morning before our walk I watch as the momma devours a piece of lemon meringue pie for breakfast.  Does anyone else think that is weird?  Then she says to me that WE need to go for a long walk!  Hey, I was not the one eating pie for breakfast, but, whatever!

So off we start across the frozen tundra.

I should point out the temperature will be dropping continually today.  When we left for our walk it was -16C and upon getting back an hour later it was -18C.  Supposedly it will get down to -25C this afternoon.

Of course I must stop to dig along the way!

Mom doesn't know how I do it, but I am always finding mice under the snow!  Yummy!

After walking around the neighbor's slough we decided to head for home.

Waiting for mom to catch up to me!

I think the momma felt guilty for eating that slice of lemon meringue pie for breakfast, because on returning home, I got a nice deer bone to chow down on.

Now what does mom do when it is so cold outside and she isn't taking me for a walk?  Well she does like to crochet and knit, but for the last several years (yes, years!) she has been working on a cross stitch project.  The project is on 22 count grey aida cloth (whatever that is), and when completed will be 16" x 24".  She just finished putting in all the full cross stitches and now needs to finish off the 1/2 cross stitches and the outlining.  She is hoping to finally get it done this winter.

Finally nearing completion.

Well now I need to go finish my deer bone and mom needs to get back to work on this cross stitch project.  She says this picture is the reason she needed progressive lenses!  Maybe if everyone sends her some encouraging words, she will actually get it finished before spring!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Angel Abby

Most of you know I have an angel fursis.  Her name is Abby and she was a huge part of the peeps lives for 11.5 years.

Mom joined that Dogster place about 7 years ago and naturally, Abby, was on there.  Mom shared Abby's adventures, many pictures, and told stories of the porcupine encounters, the snakes she destroyed and everything that went on in Abby's life.  When Abby was diagnosed with Mast Cell Carcinoma, mom turned to her Dogster friends for support.  Mom and dad were overwhelmed with the compassion of the Dogster site after Abby passed away in August 2012.

Of course, shortly after Abby passed, I joined the family and mom shared my antics, my battle with that nasty UTI that eventually led to a prostate infection.  Surprisingly, I was made Dog of the Day in Dogster in December of 2012.  Mom was really honored.  I questioned why I was Dog of the Day over my pawsome fursis Abby.

With Dogster now closing down on March 3, mom was sure all honors that could come her pups way had been accomplished.  Imagine mom's surprise when she woke up this morning and found out that Angel Abby is Dog of the Day at Dogster.  As expected, mom has been sobbing and blowing her nose lots.  It's what she does pups.

Congratulations Angel Abby on being Dog of Day at Dogster.  We love you, we miss, rest easy my sweet fursis.

My fursis, Abby.  January 12, 2001 to August 5, 2012.
Congrats on your Dogster honor sweet girl.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Buddy's F.U.S.M.

Hey everyone!  It's me, Buddy!

I know a bunch of you were following me on Dogster.  Then "Say Media" decided to close down that pawsome place to bark and left us all orphans. 

So welcome to my first blog entry!  Please have patience with the typist as she learns how to put in pictures and stuff.

Now I know what you are thinking, especially if you look again at the title of my first blog, and you are probably thinking bad, Buddy!  Just to clear things up, and I took a note from Whitley and Fizzy!  F.U. does not stand for what you think it does folks, shame on you!! and the S.M. does not mean "Say Media".  Nope this is Buddy's Friends Unite through Social Media!

Thanks for stopping by and if you leave a message as anonymous, please let me know who you are!

Later everyone!